Hulk Smash

Where to even start first? I could go into detail about how adulting has been a bit rough lately and keeping me from writing, but then again who doesn’t have a rough patch? One of the many sleepless night a few weeks ago I came to a revelation (pretty sure I am using this word right) about a real big factor as to why my site has been on the quiet end. My world I love so much is irritating the _insert explicit language here_ out of me.

What world? The world I have spent most of my life in since the early days of fun country music, Pop magazine collecting articles on N’Sync & Britney Spears to pretending to be Miranda Preistly at Runway when I had my own online fashion magazine, the Entertainment/Movie Industry. So why has it been __Insert explicit language here_ out of me?

The entertainment industry, film industry, Hollywood whatever you want to call it has really been a turn off going on the past year and a half. It has equal parts of trying to better itself yet looking like a hot mess. Making everything a statement instead of good ole fashion entertainment for everyone’s enjoyment, making sure all the boxes are checked for what seems to be the requirement for making movies these days and trying to make every Twitter follower happy. Most of it has been how some celebrities have been conducting themselves, from no respect whatsoever for some people in general or the person currently running the big house in DC (I know this is a whole different topic focus!) to turning every award show into a political statement and/or special agenda with a dress code.

I just want to make this clear before moving on, I understand that everyone including multi million dollar celebrities are entitled to their own opinion and or can voice it where and how they choose. This is MY OPINION only, and if actors can say what they want on their social media platforms whether its Shut the front door, or a big speech of impending doom at an award show, I can most certainly say mine on this piece of web.

Continuing on, I won’t mention any names specifically, some of the actors I have grown to love for many years have become a disappointment to me. Their conduct they have shown as of late, how some are telling people one is wrong and/or a bad person if you think a certain way, and only seeming to make their opinion or voice on the matter the right one. I know I can’t be the only one that has a role model, favorite celeb or podcast host recently disappoint the _explicit language_ out of them at one time or another.

To put the cherry on top of the sundae, movies/shows in general, all of them have to make a statement or insert their political view, have secret hidden messages to the masses, it’s frustrating AF. An example, a TV show that I have loved so much and became so involved in the past 2 years recently had a season finale. They had to explain to certain people the world we live in today and was __explicit language__ ridiculous. This show had gone almost 12-13 years without doing what they did, sometimes I even forgot the show was set in the present time with small subtle reminders over time. That was the beauty of the show, being taken somewhere else instead of being reminded by amazing characters of the not so hot climate of a world we are in right now, especially when I can turn on every news station, scroll through Twitter or watch an award show to remind me.

For now, I have a bitter taste of the season finale of that show, but my love for them outweighs a big disagreement I had for the finale and what they put in it. I will give it a few more episodes in their upcoming season and see where it goes from there, I haven’t really watched any award shows in a very long time and only kept up online to see who won, I also have tried to stay away from some areas of social media when it comes to Hollywood vibes. The entertainment industry will always be a part of who I am today, so many films, TV shows, movies, roles played by actors have all had a part in my life some way or another at a point in time. Right now we are just going through a rough patch like every relationship does.

I know there are many branches of topics that can stem from this article, good, bad and/or the fugly, but for know it’s a small piece of what I have been wanting to talk about for sometime. I am not expecting anyone to agree with or disagree with me, if you did make it this far I want to thank you for taking the time to read this. We all have or opinions on many matters, many can voice them and some cannot for retaliation of having a unpopular opinion. Even though everyone says “say what you want” it really depends what it is and at this time I don’t feel like putting my feels on a chopping block….yet.