I was able to attend the Star Wars Marathon event held at
theaters December 17 2015, when Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens was being released. I had
not been to such an event before even when they only play a couple of movies
back to back. There have been many times I wanted to go to them but this one
finally came to pass. I almost missed out on the opportunity due to trying to
be a responsible adult but that I will save for later. I wanted to share my
steps on how to get through a movie marathon. I am aware the Marvel Movie Marathon was even longer then
this but this was a great start and know what to do and what not to do for the
next time I attend one.

Buying tickets

Do not wait till the last minute buy in advance, I was not originally
planning on going and didn’t think to buy tickets in advance. I saw a posting
in a Facebook group and was reading the excitement of something I
would be missing out on. Someone said there were tickets that became available, being the responsible adult that I sometimes am asked myself do I really need
to go it. Not minding it was at least a hundred times I asked myself, by the time I came to the decision
of purchasing tickets they were gone. I knew it was meant to be. I still called
around and finally about four hours before the showing near my base of
operations there were tickets available.
Get some sleep
event started at 230am on a Thursday, I was up since Wednesday at eight o clock
in the morning. After arriving at the theatre about 11pm I was wound up with
excitement, I flew solo and though it was good to get some rest. If you are really struggling get some shut eye when you can even if its during a break; but then again who really needs sleep?

Food and coffee runs
I was not sure about the food runs, all I knew was the food in
the theaters were pricey. There
were half hour breaks between each of the episodes which was nice. Get up walk around, go
outside, get food, stretch your legs, use the restroom, and catch up on social media. Have a friend bring fuel, I had Parents bring me some outside
food and a Starbucks I needed the coffee. I paced myself on popcorn and soda as
we had free vouchers for them both but I had a long way to go.
Enjoy the reaction
from the audience
In the theater there seemed to be the Star Wars is my life
fans, to the ones that just enjoy the movies. At the beginning of each episode
there was a reaction. As soon as Star Wars came up with the music and the crawl
everyone cheered. It would made me even more excited and would get you hyped up
for what you are about to watch. The best reaction and the loudest was the Star
Wars logo popping up and the music playing and a new Star Wars crawl that had
never been seen before.  During the
movies there were moments that would get the cheers, but again the best were
during the newest episode. The original characters making their debut back in
the saga, and some parts that were pretty awesome with the main characters such
as Rey. These moments have never faded even after the 4 times I have seen it, all the emotions from the Star Wars Crawls to the reactions in the movie, I hear it every time I see it.  
Take a friend
I flew solo to this event but in all honesty I wish I had
someone to go with, all my friends had other obligations such as a life and was
not able to be at the theatres that much. I was not to concerned with the stuff
I left at my seat I always kept my wallet and phone with me but had nothing
valuable and wasn’t to concerned with fellow Star Wars members taking things
that do not belong to them. Doing a food run or taking turns, and having
someone to talk to about all the awesomeness that I just watched on the screen.
I could have made more friends as we all had something in common there but that
is when my introvert social skills was a fail.
Bring reading
material/phone charger
When I headed in the theatre I did not think my phone was
going to last the whole marathon, especially since I was going to be on social
media talking about it when I can. Down by the movie screen was a
phone charging station. When Mom did the Starbucks run I had her bring my phone
charger as well. A couple days before I bought the Entertainment Weekly Star
Wars special and took it with me I did manage to read some things but my focus
was short.
Wear comfy clothes/ jacket or bring a blanket
As much as I would have loved to wear my Star Wars pajama
pants to this event I couldn’t bring myself to, although I could have changed
before the theatre actually opened to the public but that seemed like a lot of
work. Wear comfy clothes I wore jeans and my Star Wars The Force Awakens shirt
that the parents bought for me. It can get cold in theatres so I also took a
jacket and a blanket. I don’t get cold in theatres to often but would rather
have it and not need it then need is and not have it. I also was going to be
there a long time and wanted to be comfy it also double as my chair saver!

Plan on seeing said
movie multiple times on opening weekend
I saw The Force Awakens 4 times since it within the first
week it was released I have legit reasons however. Once for the marathon which
was probably the best, once with the sister, once with Dad from tickets from
the day job and again with dad but in 3D. Two times in 3d and 2 times in
regular version I had to keep it even. 

Take pictures of memorabilia & standee
The thing I love about theatres is there standees and props and has always been one of the reasons why I have always wanted to work at a theatre. The standees these days are even better due to picture taking and sharing such as Instagram. I had to roll the selfie way since I was flying solo but what better day to get your picture taken with Star Wars gear and the memorabilia and standee?
Remain Spoiler Free
This was pretty hard for me to do, and by the time I thought
it would be appropriate to write about it, the hype was already gone and still seemed to early. Social
media was not to bad and didn’t even know how to talk about the movie with
coming close to seeing it. I will probably do a post on what I loved about the
movie or dislikes and will be weary of spoilers but I will just put the
disclaimer in there because I can guarantee nothing. The Fan community was very
respectful as I did not see too much as far as spoilers anywhere. My friends
was the hardest because I talk to them often.
Tell Everybody
Tell everyone the experience you just had, some will judge
but those people you do not need to be around anyways. Share with them [while
trying to remain spoiler free] your experience. How it was watching so many
movies in order with fans of all kinds. Experiencing the films again on the big
screen or for the first time. That was a bonus for me as I had only seen the
prequels in theaters and none of the originals so for me that was pretty fun to
I enjoyed my first movie marathon on the big screen and was glad
I was a apart of the group that got to see The Force Awakens opening night with
the first showing. I wouldn’t have changed anything this time around but will
seem like a pro the next time

Have you seen Star Wars the Force Awakens? How many times so far?

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