how to get into a new show

10 steps on what to do when getting into a new show. I have recently gotten into a show that I have known about for years but never fully watched, right now I am going through the “obsession” phase and thought I would write 10 steps of getting into a new show.

Step 1. Have someone introduce you to said show

My Dad decided to watch Supernatural one day, I have known about it due to San Diego Con and for many years. After walking into a store and buying Season 10, I was hooked on a show I had known about for years but never watched.

Step 2. Binge Watch watch all seasons
This usually helps if you
watch them in chronological order. I started on season 10 with episodes here and there, started season 4 and have been continuing and currently on season 6 with a break to watch the very first episode of the entire show. So chronological order helps.

Step 3. Tell everybody you recently got into a new show
Say it like you are screaming it from the top a rooftop. I am pretty sure I have mentioned it to everyone who has posted anything about Supernatural lately.

Screenshot of  Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles

Step 4. Day dream about the dreamiest character of the show

I vote for Dean
Winchester who is played by Jensen Ackles and I have seen some great pictures.

Step 5. Follow all characters on Social Media
Follow said actors that play your favorite characters on social media, such as Twitter and Instagram. Make sure they are the real accounts with the blue check mark by it. 

Step 6. Share/ write everything you love about the show
I am looking forward to going more in depth of why I love the show in a future post. Dean, Baby, Angels, Bromance, Jensen Ackles and much more.

Step 7. Enjoy being welcomed into the fandom family 
The Supernatural Fandom Family seems pretty strong, after all the time they have spent together. So far I have received a warm welcome from them and am excited to get to know other fans.

Step 8. Buy all merchandise of said show
This includes but not limited to Funko pops, subscription boxes and or anything else dealing with the show. My first Funko was Dean. Dad has also bought me some new merchandise such as a Castiel & Crowley Funko Pop and a shirt, and the jewelry was from a subscription box.

Step 9. Attend comic conventions or fan conventions
Supernatural has always had
a presence at the San Diego Comic Con, for as long as I can remember. I deeply regret trading my
Supernatural Warner Brother bag for a Supergirl one. The Supernatural Convention I discovered this year
before I got into the show but is now on my to go list.
Step 10. Enjoy enjoy the show I love Supernatural right now! I can’t get enough
of it, there is so much to catch up on. It is pretty exciting and the
new high of getting into a show is fun. It also drives me crazy sometimes but once your in

Do you watch Supernatural? What is a current TV show you are into? What step are you on?

Until next time
Watchtower over and out.