The Winner is….

Nerd-ism meets Football, this past weekend I was able to enjoy two of my favorite things, being a nerd and football. I was able to share my excitement on Two worlds colliding post and how two of my favorite things were coming together for this past Super Bowl Sunday.

So the Question you might be asking what does football have to do with the geeky world right now? Movie Trailers that aired during the big game, and a superhero showdown between Captain America and Starlord. This post is a day off and has probably missed the hype train but I still wanted to share it with you all.

This was taken during the Pre Festivities 

I was wearing an Olaf T-Shirt, while I was walking around and seeing everyone representing there team, I was wondering why on earth I did not wear my San Diego Chargers T-Shirt? Then I realized this was the Superbowl  that went nerdy and what better way to properly initiate a Christmas gift with Olaf? While typing this post I remembered Indina Menzel (Elsa: Frozen) Sang the National Anthem before the game. Now my Olaf shirt makes sense I had no idea she was going to be performing.

Initiating file upload Super Bowl Sunday …..

Pre Festivities: Super Bowl Central
I was finally able to get in a weekend day and go to
Super Bowl Central, I was passionate about getting a picture with the roman
numerals [mission accomplished] My favorite part about the Superbowl Central
were the GMC Denali’s. Each one of them had a team logo and team flag flying
and of course one with the official Superbowl 49 logo. I was also on a mission to get a bag, I found out you
received one when you made a purchase at the NFL shop so of course I had to buy
something. The letters NFL  also mean
pricey they were out of lanyards that I saw some wearing so I settled for the
next and my favorite items a keychain and a I got two bags so if was definitely
worth it.

Super Bowl Central Phoenix, AZ
My bag on the right and the key chain I bought at the NFL shop
The Game
WOW and no not talking about World of Warcraft, as in wow
that was an awesome game, Interceptions, game changing plays, and
some what just happened moments. I cannot imagine if I was an actual die hard
fan of the teams playing but it was still a nail biter, not only because I was
rooting for the Patriots (the team that won) they were also Captain America’s team. One thing I learned from football is that anything can
happen, if there is 30 seconds or less on the clock, the game is close and you
think a team has already won, it can all change.  I have seen games change in the last 6
seconds of the 4th Quarter (the tail end of the game) These teams
were neck and neck the whole time and both played a good  great game
and made it live up to the name of a Super Bowl. 
The Halftime show
This year was a success, well at least in my classified
files, last year was a failed attempt of merging different genres and age
groups of singers and made for a poor show. Katy Perry yes I am a fan of her started off
on a giant lion walking through a lit up field for her song Roar. Transitioning
to Dark Horse and an awesome duet with Lenny Kravitz with I Kissed a Girl. Some
more favorites Teenage Dream and California Girls, followed by a rap out session with
Missy Elliot; Missy Elliot threw me off a little I don’t think she was a well known artists among those in the stands and has been off the music scene for awhile now, but they are making progress. With the next performance of Firework (an
all time favorite) it made up for the misstep. This song was a proper fitting to have a firework show that
lit up the stadium and close out the Pepsi Halftime Show, Did I mention she was
a shooting star?? Literally. The Halftime show was an upgrade from last year and for the most part a success. 


The fun geeky stuff is coming I Promise…..

The airwaves between the game were ones worth watching for
the most part. Although some of the
trailers I did not see live during the game I eventually saw on Youtube. The commercials and trailers I did see and enjoyed was Fast and the Furious 7 I
can’t wait, Minions I want one for my upcoming birthday.Terminator Genisys i’m glad he is back, and the Budweiser
commercial with the cute puppy and the clydesdales . Followed by Snickers and Liam Neeson’s commercial being a bad ass as always. Here is list list of all the trailers that aired during the big game.
Who saw the Real Life Pac-Man commercial? I thought it was very creative and for see a future comic con event. I wonder which one in the con land would be the first to take on the mission.
Superhero Showdown
The winner of the Super Bowl: Captain America and the Patriots but really everybody is a winner in this game, except the team that made one of the worst play call in history (Seahawks) The Guys, the fans and the charities. The twist of it all and the superhero kind of guys that they
are will be visiting both charities. It was all fun and games and a great way to raise
money for charities, have something for fans of both the superhero universe
root for. On top of all that the guys were having fun photo bombing photo ops for the fans at the stadium.



I had a really great time, and enjoyed myself on Superbowl XLIX [49] 2015 Not only was this year’s football season memorable for me;
learning new things about the game, watching the most football games to date
from beginning to end, making memories with new friends, pre Super Bowl
festivities. But the biggest game of the year was also memorable,  I can’t say it enough and still reveling in
the feeling that I was able to share it with all the nerd-bird readers out
there something else that I love that would usually have no relevance to
sharing. I had a great experience at
superbowl central and had a lot of fun writing the previous post.
Until next time
Watchtower Over and Out.