Hello 2018! 2nd month into the new year with all the hopes, dreams, fresh starts, resolutions and hope. I am going on my 4th year with this site! The site I originally created to share comic con adventures and other geek-tastic things with people who love things just as much as I do. With all that being said I am dusting off the site, it has lacked getting the love and attention it deserves lately. I was really debating on doing a “where I have been” post, I know most people do them when they go on a small hiatus, on one hand I enjoy reading them, on the other I’m like no worries its none of our business. Well I am doing one!

My last post was in October 2017! Rambling thoughts, there was so much I wanted to write yet so much I thought I shouldn’t write, knowing it will make waves or people think differently of the site, or negative Nancy comments that I’m not ready to handle. Before that there was sporadic posts, one about my day job (a 911 dispatcher). I thought putting something up whenever was better than absolute crickets on the site, but the crickets eventually won.

From May 2017 –August almost September 2017 there was one event after another, so much going on so much awesome-ness, for a while it was hard to keep up with writing all about everything, I really wanted to! I played more on social media then the big posts with all the pictures and details, but at the same time I was enjoying being in the moment of all that was going on.

After all that business the holidays rolled around, while can be the most wonderful time of the year, can also be the most stressful for some; for me this year it was a tad bit in that neighborhood. I was with family which is what mattered most, had an awesome tree but so much was going on, and not to sound mushy but just needed some mental health days.

Now I’m into the new year! While still stressful (thank you adulting) I am still filled with the newness of the year ahead, ready to dust the cob webs off and prep for the year ahead. There is so much I want to write about, the celebrities that have been driving me crazy, ridiculous prices for some shows just to see celebrities, and fun stuff like my small obsession with the movie The Greatest Showman that I saw in theatres 3 times.

I hope this post was one, not to mushy, two didn’t scare people off. If you have continued to come back and or are reading this, a million thank yous to you!! I really do appreciate it and looking forward to what the future holds and looking forward to you joining me!