The close of the holiday season is near, as we ring out 2015 and welcome 2016 with arms wide open, of new hope and dreams along with those things that we call resolutions.

This time of the year is known as the most wonderful time of the year but
for some it can also be the most stressful time of year. For some reason the
holiday season has an effect on people, something in the air during this time
of year. Like I mentioned before in I believe in Santa there can be hope for
people. When I say stressful it does not necessarily mean that the store sold
out of the toy one was looking for, parking in the farthest spot from the
entrance at the mall. No stressful as in life, Christmas is all about joy,
being together, making others happy giving, and if you believe, the birth of
Jesus Christ.

Not everyone gets to experience that, family, joy,
happiness, there are some that have a hard time with a lot of things whether
family sickness, not a lot of money for the kids presents or who you would like
to buy things for.

Through the things I have experienced in my short time span
of life so far I have come to the fact that as long as I have a nice Christmas tree
and my family with me that it is a great Christmas. My Dad is sick as in has a
mechanical heart device that keeps him alive sick. He has had the machine for
six years now, and he is unable to do what he used to do job wise when he was
diagnosed.  Our Christmases changed from
when he was working to when he was first diagnosed in 2007 to getting the
device in 2009. It always bothered him as well as my mother that we sometimes
might not be able to get what we want or provide a lovely Christmas for us. Along
that journey we started going to church it made me see things differently the
holiday seasons.

Presents became less important and I always asked Santa for
another year with my Dad & Mom, I have been blessed thus far. As I said
before if one believes Santa is higher power, magic entity or a guy in a red
suit on a soda can. He has become much more to me over the years. The one thing that brings us together for the holidays is
the Christmas tree as we all go shopping for one, each year we take turns
picking it out and there have been a few years it was Dad’s pick and every year
we have a great tree.

I had mentioned before I believe in Santa this is more of
the reasons as to why he is more than a jolly man in a red suit. My parents
were asking me this year what do I want for Christmas? I had no idea really, I always
have an ongoing list of things, action figures, geeky items this that and the
other thing. They said if you can have one nice thing what would it be? Well
they asked me at the beginning of this month and have yet to really come up
with an answer. A couple days ago all I could come up with was a  new laptop or camera for the site but even
then I knew I can try to get those anytime of the year.

My answer to them was, I already have what I want for Christmas
a beautiful tree and my family. I am appreciative and happy with whatever I shall
receive because I know sometimes that is all we can get at the time and some in
the world have less.  The bonus gift for
me is if I get to give to other people whether it be pay it forward a gift for
a friend or a helping hand that is all a bonus.

The thought did cross my mind as in what does this have to
do with superheroes or anything to do with the variables of the geeky world. It
took me a second but realizing that sometimes all you need is a superhero to
come save the day and during the holiday season the Avengers or the Justice League get a break as I turn to my Santa during this time of year. I get to be
with my real superheroes, my parents everyday and through the holiday season
and see if I get to be a hero for even a second in someone elses life.

I am going into the new year with my parents, new friends and even some resolutions. I wanted to share this with readers here on the site,
the holiday season means so much to so many people or to some nothing at all
and another day on the calendar. But it has been on my mind for awhile. Thank you for taking the time to read this. May the new year bring you everything you hope for. Happy New Year to you and your families from

How has this season been for you so far? Are you ready for the new year?

Until next time
Watchtower over & out