We are less than 10 days away from the San Diego Comic Con! To some, its the most wonderful time of the year. I wanted to make a quick posts on some ways you can be getting ready or the simple things that might slip your mind, while creating your battle plans and backup plans for the big show.

Social Media: This is a God send in the comic con world, whether its Instagram, Twitter or whatever other form of social media you use. If you are planning on being socially active throughout the convention, whether its status updates, or seeing who is doing what and where then you should clean it up. There are numerous ways to clean up your sites

1. Go through your followers: Block any of the spammy, fake, junk looking profiles. This is one of the reasons why my follower number is always so low as I do this often, some of the profiles that have 1,000 plus followers have a good handful of bad/junk accounts.

2. Go through People you follow: See if there are ones that you can unfollow or mute for the time being. Yes this may sound rude or mean, but if you are going to be using your social media pages for notifications or to stay up to date on whats going on, this will come in handy. There are some pages that retweet anything and I mean anything there followers post, and you really don’t need all of it on your timeline during the convention. Plus if you have a second you can unmute them or go to their profiles and check out there feed.

3. Follow comic con specific people: If you are on Twitter you can set it up where you can get notifications every time someone specific tweets something out, there is also a new setting on Instagram where you will be notified when someone post a picture as well. Make sure you follow your favorite artists, celebrity, comic book creators or even the popular one like Nerd HQ that will have random surprise celebrity guests.

4: Being tagged in Photos: Decide whether you want this setting on or off, sometimes there are fellow followers that will tag you in every photo they tweet, don’t get me wrong it is an awesome feeling to be thought of when someone posts awesome pictures. However this will also have many notifications of the re-tweets, re posts, or favorites that you can possibly miss out on something that you were looking forward to. You can either turn it off, or let your friends know that week to keep it to a minimum pretty please

5. Pick core sites: Even though it is nice to have all the social media sites that the cyber verse has to offer, I say pick 2-3 that way those 2-3 will get your full attention and you can rely on them. If you have to post on all of your social media sites if it is more than 3, having some sites connected to each other would be a good idea. Example: When I post on Twitter it automatically post to my Facebook Page, this feature can be turned on and off as well.

These may seem pointless but if you are going to be socially active during the show it will help to have cleaned up timelines along with who you are exactly wanting to keep an eye on during the show.

Essentials: Being a horrible decision maker, I end up taking everything, my philosophy is I would rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it. I am thankful I drive from my classified base in AZ to San Diego, as flying I don’t think I would survive so credit to those who manage.

I pull out everything that I think I am going to need for the convention, then go through it and deicide what I would like to have in my survival bag for SDCC Everybody’s bag usually varies but these are items that are usually the most popular and a must.

  • Cameras (my phone took this picture) Phones die fast and when they do the camera will always be there and sometimes its better to use and save your battery
  • Sharpies You never know when you are going to run into a celebrity and have the opportunity to ask for a quick autograph or jot down a number
  • Watch every time you check your phone for the time you use up your power, watches are handy and sometimes easier to quickly glance at
  • Rubberbands Posters posters and more posters
  • Cash I always prefer to use cash as it is easier to keep track of and security reasons
  • Hand Sanitizer the thing you just touched a thousand other people just touched it as well and that is assuming they were all human.
  • Business Cards or Contact Cards anything can happen in the blink of an eye, even if you do not have a business its still good to have some contact cards with all your contact/social media information for a quick pass
  • Power because cell phone batteries will die and batteries drain a lot faster at the show.
  • Mints come in handy, you never know who you are going to be talking to and want to make a good impression
  • Water Bottle if you can have a small one handy it beats paying four dollars when you want a quick sip. Stay Hydrated!

Aside from a small notebook, pens, an agenda for the day those are the essentials that are hopefully a must in every bag.

Your Phone

Your cellphone will be your connections to SDCC whether it is for taking pictures, checking social media, texting to meet up with friends you name it. Here are some ways you can get your phone ready for a big show.

Photos I take so many photos on my phone its ridiculous, either memory making or for social media. Go through and delete photos you don’t need anymore and transfer all the ones you want to keep on to your computer or on to a USB drive. Don’t forget to label the USB and/or the files that you are putting the photos into.

Apps Delete any unnecessary app that you no longer need on your phone, delete games that you no longer play. This will create space that you can use for other things that will help you stay organized and up to date throughout the convention.  This also goes for adding apps, apps that will help you throughout the show such as the Official San Diego Comic Con App.

Bookmarks/Contacts Make sure you have all the website that you have been following or keeping up to date on convention news bookmarked. This will help you save time from always typing it in or searching for it. Contacts if you are going to be meeting with friends or line buddies make sure you have their contact information so your planning will be at ease.

If Lost One of the sad things that happen at comic con is the loss of electronics, I lost my camera in 2012 the year I dressed up and never saw it again. If you want to be cautious take a pic with your name and contact info such as your email, set it as your wallpaper or your lock screen if you have one. That way if a responsible fellow nerd wants to do a good deed for the day, they can get in touch with you on the cyber sphere, and hope will be restored.

What are some ways you clean up your social media for Comic Cons? What are some of your essentials for your bag? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter.