Getting Ready SDCC

The time is almost here for San Diego Comic Con and its not to late to do little things for one last push to save money for the most wonderful time of the year. I am very budget friendly when it comes to this time for SDCC I have a bad habit of procrastinating till the last minute to save for the most wonderful time of the year. If
I were to start earlier it would make a big difference.

With all that being said one of the best things about SDCC and that I have learned over the past year or so going, is you can have a great time with out a ton of money involved. How? Last year on a Thursday I went to the Her Universe Fashion show stayed for the after party with an awesome band, went to the tail end of the MTV2 party in the park and caught some of Linkin Park’s set and last but not least the Fan Party at Nerd HQ at Petco Park. All for free, other then food and dink I had a great night and it was only Thursday. Keep an eye out for things that are included in your badge.

Here are some tips for the last minute push to save money.

Yard Sales My favorite thing to do let alone go to. Grab some
items you are no longer using or can part with. Set a weekend day either a Friday and/or Saturday. Designate and area in your garage for everything you find and
be one of the best sellers you can be.

Used Book/Music Stores I recently discovered this treasure,
aside from the yard sales if you want to make sure you books/movies/music will
have a good home then take them to a local store near you.  They will give you cash or store credit but
it’s your decision although it defeats the purpose of getting some cash, some
cash is better than no cash.
Facebook Sale Groups if having a yard sale is not really
your thing try posting items online. Facebook usually has sites for the local
towns that you can post up your products and see if you have any takers,
Craigslist is also available, but I would say there is more interaction and a
wider audience on Facebook.
Exclusives Remember that one exclusive you couldn’t live
without a few years ago? Well if it has just collected dust and have moved one
from it then try selling it. Do some research and see what it is going for and
try at it, you can use sites like Ebay or Amazon and maybe even find a Facebook
Starbucks/On the Go Drinks not to buy but to skip, I love Starbucks, and/or
coffee on the go. But that’s $5.00 a week or a day can really add up. Buying
coffee 4 times a week at $20.00 that’s $80.00 saved in one month. Even just
eliminating one can make a difference. This can also go from eating out as
well, if you do it at least once a week just go every other week or try to pass
on one. The money you save from doing this now, you can for sure use the fuel during the convention. 
Cash Yes saving cash, a cool trick a friend told me when it
comes to saving cash, is anytime you are handling money choose something. Such
as with all cash I have I will set aside all the bills with the serial number
ending in an odd number. Or with all the $5.00 bills I will save with the
serial numbers ending in an even number. Choose which ever you like whether it
be the $1.00 bill or $10s also loose change any loose change through in a jar,
in a piggy bank, the old fashioned way of saving money can also be quite
Gigs Help a friend out, find some people that need help with something, washing cars, cleaning the yard errands, someone moving, there are some Facebook groups out there also where people can post hey I need a hand, so be on the look out for those. 
Pop Funko Figures I recently got addicted to these and am
not going to be selling them anytime soon. However for those that have the
largest collection known to Facebook and multiples, sell some. If you have
multiples or one that are not fully retired yet, you can probably make someones
day buy having it up for sale, you can try the common websites like Ebay or try
the Facebook groups they have dedicated for Pop Funko Figures.

Your new mantra until then

So aside from tips for the last minute saving here are some good ways you can fully maximize the money you worked hard to save.

Eating Out/In Food in the convention center is a pretty shiny penny unless you are having a serious case of being hangry I would try to avoid it. This is where multi-task skills come in handy, take a second, more like a few minutes to go somewhere and eat. It may be time consuming but worth it. Rehydrate, rest, consume some good food and nutrients that will give you the energy you need to go about your day. In between if the time does not allow it, bring something with you a sandwich, some snacks, quick food to go items. I myself have been trying to get better at this as I sometimes think who has time to eat!

I try to avoid parking in downtown San Diego let alone go near it with my own vehicle during this weekend. Grant it sometimes the benefit is going to your car to drop things off, pick things up as you go throughout the day. But for me I like to save the x amount of dollars. I usually park at a public venue such as some of the malls and take public transportation paying for a week pass, or the day pass, and being able to use the transportation system as much as you need throughout the day helps. Also there is the free shuttle services that CCI has to offer.

I was going to originally write about making a list with a budget but I have yet to master this mission however, I am very money conscious during the week. Have an idea of how much you would like to spend for certain things such as Art, Exclusives, Comics, Outside Events, Food and all the Comic Con has to offer.

Payment Form CASH
Best way to keep track of the hard earned/saved cash is using cash as payment Why? For me it is easier to track, if you say today is a $50.00 day and you have the $50.00 cash way easier to see how much you are spending and how much you have left. A reason I do not like to use plastic (cards) as much at SDCC or any convention for that matter just security reasons for me and harder to track, even with text and email receipts that is way to much math for my head during Comic Con time.

Your Badge It may not be the Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer) but Harness the power and all that it holds. Yes the badge that you have stressed over, anxiety attacks, the golden ticket, the holy grail, the ticket to SDCC it has powers. Your badge can be used for numerous things, Offsite events such as the Her Universe Fashion Show and the MTV2 Fandom Awards/Party at Petco Park. The past 2 years MTV2s awesome night has required a badge and the debut of the Her Universe Fashion Show at SDCC 2014 also required a SDCC badge. Discounts at local restaurants and shops, the little 10% or 20% all add up.

I do not really spend to attend to many offsite events to me the best price is FREE however the experience that I believe you can get no where else is what I do not mind paying for. What do I mean by this. Last year the San Diego Symphony Hosted Star Trek Screening. Star Trek (2009) was going to be played on the screen down by the marina park right next to the convention center. The score for the movie was going to be played by the San Diego Symphony Orchestra and John Cho was going to be there to present the movie along with Michael Giacchino. Going to get to watch one of my favorite movies, with a friend I haven’t seen in years, next to a home away from home on a cool San Diego Evening by the Waterfront with other fellow Star Trek Fans…Yes Please. This year they are doing the same and if not sold out yet I am hoping to do the same with Star Trek Into Darkness 2. That was my this is amazing moment, where else would I get to do this listening to the reactions of the scenes scanning the nighttime skyline of the city with the distant echo of the convention center hustle? Definitely worth the money.

Keep Calm and Relax one of the best things about Comic Con is you do not need to spend a load of money to have fun, you can have just as good as a time without going over board. Take time prior to the show to see what will be available, how much things are going to cost, what can you check out that is free. That way when you get there, you will have and idea and relax, so if things do come up of the random, you will be able to handle the mission.

SDCC only happens once a year and being a financial responsible adult during this time is near impossible, being smart as to how the hard earned/saved money is spent and getting all that you can out of the weekend is possible.

 How do you save up for SDCC? What are some ways you maximize the dollar at a convention?

Until next time
Watchtower over and out