The gateway to 2017! Letting go of 2016 starting with a
clean slate and filled with hope for this year. Rather than
a review of 2016 post, with everything I did and details of it, here is a brief
post along with a picture that I took which to me, resembles 2017. This past year was such a memorable, eventful, bright and not so
bright year for me. There were experiences that led me to meet wonderful passionate people, experiences I am grateful for and opportunities that I am looking forward to coming to pass
in 2017.


The Supernatural Fandom Family, has been with me throughout
this year. Some of them being from an organization I have mentioned
before called Attitudes In Reverse®. Meeting them I had an opportunity to volunteer my time, go to
Los Angeles California for a weekend for a Supernatural Fandom Movie premiere
& feel like a VIP for a minute or two. Met my fictional boyfriend I mean
the actor Jensen Ackles who plays Dean Winchester on the show, and an organization
I can share with people through what I do. The generosity and kindness of the fandom family has been refreshing and leaves in me in awe sometimes. I am looking forward to having the fandom family with me in 2017.
Social media, meeting so many people throughout the year!
Turning cyber ships into real life friendships, this has been fun for me, even
meeting some fellow content creators when life takes me to San Diego California
other than comic con. I look forward to connecting and meeting more people in
2017, my shyness and introvert-ness is learning how to take a back seat.
Dad getting a heart transplant was by far one of the biggest
changes for the family and I, after being on a heart machine that ran off
batteries for 7 years it was a big change. This was also right before 2 big
comic cons. It did make things a bit stressful , but Dad knew how much they
meant to me and we managed. My social media family and real life friends were
all there for me, we as a family are very grateful for all the continued support, thoughts, prayers and good vibes.
My website, my second year anniversary or “blogiversary” is coming up in January 2017 and will be going into my third year. There
is still so much I want to do with it! I am very appreciative and grateful for
those that continue to return post after post, and will be pushing myself
more in the new year to make it more worth your time. When I started this site I
really wanted a way to share the things I love with people who get just as
excited and am happy to continue to do that.
There is so much I can list of how 2016 was ever changing, but
I also had my rainy storms that seemed to last forever, learning life lessons.
Singing “Let it Go” & “Build a Snowman” don’t always work, I found that to
be my mantra for half of 2016.  The other half was, you have to go through the storm to
see the rainbow, the bigger the storm the brighter and more beautiful the
rainbow is.I took this picture at a church that was hosting a Christmas light viewing, it was my first time there but this is one of my favorite pictures I took. When I took the photo above, all I could think about is how
it can represent a gateway into the new year. You can either stand on the side
the picture was taken and look back all you have went through this past year,
or walk up to it and see all the possibilities with a clean slate, and hopes of accomplishment. One way or another, this picture meant
something to me and the new year that is right around the corner.
I wish you all a wonderful, prosperous year filled with
adventure, blessings, and opportunities and when the storms come, you hold onto the umbrella strong or learn how to dance in the rain. Even though the world
may seem like it is ending with everything going on, we can make it a great
year for ourselves and those around us. Be kind, love one another and be
compassionate. Happy new year to you!
Until next time Watchtower over & out