May 2nd is a day that all of us should have
marked in our calendar and after that it is the first Saturday of every May
that we shall not forget. Why is this day of importance, because it is Free
Comic Book Day. Free Comic Book Day [FBCD] is the day Comic Shops all over
give out Free Comics to those that enter their store. Free Comic Book day is
also geared toward introducing people into comic books, and introduce them to a
world that is never ending with so many possibilities.

If you have yet to at least experience one or have not heard
of it I will not say anything such as someone has been living under a rock. I
discovered this gem for the first time in 2013 the first Saturday of May 2013.
I was surfing the web and saw the word Free which got my attention, this was
the time I was just getting into comic books and thought I would see what this
was all about.

Google-ing the local comic shops and getting the information
about the day I made a list of stores and comics that I wanted to try to get. I went
to numerous stores took my sister along since some of the shops only gave away
one, so she was useful getting me some other ones I wanted. It was really fun.
Some of the stores we stopped at even had lines, I was so excited to see all
the people that were into comics.

2014 I seemed like a pro, had my list of stores, the comics
I wanted to get and the ones I would get for some friends, I started early to
hit all the stores as well. Last year my Mom was my helper and got me some more
comics as well, and was the designated picture taker. Most of the stores had special, sales, discounts, special
events, cosplayers, photos with, artists signings so much more.

This year I am
even more excited I am hopefully going with some comic con friends, and going
to try to attend multiple stores, one of the artists that I have recently
bought art from will be at a store doing sketches and signing, another store is
going to have some actors from the Power Rangers, then there is the Main Street
in Downtown having their own celebration, and is going to have numerous stores,
activities, artists and so much more.

Some of the comics I am looking forward to…
Marvel’s All New All Different Avengers #1 Secret Wars #0
Others ones I am going to try and pick up as well.
IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Worlds of Aspen 2015
Dark Circle Comics #1

I will probably be picking up some of the other titles they
will have available for family and friends throughout the year, I gave some to
a friend recently when I told him about FCBD and by picking up some random
titles I have come to enjoy the stories as I would have never really picked
them up before. This is also another benefit of them being Free to try out new

FCBD Loot from 2013/2014

Coming upon the digital age I hope Comic Books will be
around for awhile, the experience of going and picking up new comics,
experiencing new stories, and making memories with family and friends, seems
pretty hard to get buy a quick click of a download button.  I am pretty excited for this year and definitely
going to be on a mission to make it one of the best Free Comic Book Days I have
had yet.

For more information, where to find participating stores,
the titles that are going to be available be sure to take a look at their website. They even have some videos of celebrities promoting FCBD such as Stan Lee
himself. FCBD website also has a store locator as well to see if your local comic shops are participating as well. You can also call your comic book shops in your area to see if they will be participating in the event. 

Are you going to take part in Free Comic Book Day? How will
you be celebrating?
Until next time

Watchtower Over and Out