This past Monday 3/16/2015 I was able to attend a pre
screening of the movie Insurgent the second movie in the Divergent series. How was I able to
get this awesome chance and a first for me? Thanks to CultClassicsAZ. I never
really win anything but always try for that you never know aspect of it. The
contest was to go on to their twitter page hasthtag Insurgent and tell them
your favorite Faction. Mine was Amity. Peace and Love and Comic Cons well
that’s how I would see it. I got a direct message a couple days later saying I
won and send my name and that of a plus one. I was pretty excited first that I
won and not recalling have ever been to a pre screening almost a week in
advance for a movie.

Upon arrival they had the do not cross tape and everything
with the Insurgent Screening sign and officially looking body gaurds saying no
phones. Akwardly he walked up when I was beginning to take a picture of said sign
so that was a mission fail. We did not have to stand in the line that we were
already standing in for about 20 minutes due to someone finally coming out who
knew what they were talking about and said we can go in and find the table. After getting awesome seats I went back down to get awesome movie posters I could not resist as movie posters are one of my
favorite things to get and I already have too many. Just a fair warning although I am trying to
their may or may not be some SPOILERS in the mist of the next part.

The movie was great and by great I mean at least a good 8/10
I made the mistake of reading the first book Divergent before seeing the movie
(that I will explain in the future) but I have yet to read the second book. The
reason why I say in 8 is because I thought it was a 10 but then I think a lot
of movies are a 10 and don’t want to raise hopes to high especially since it is
yet to be released. This movie was a 3D movie, I was a little bummed at first as the last movie I watched in 3D was Dawn Planet of the Apes and we did not mix to well, before that I think was Titanic. My point is I have not been the biggest fan of 3D movies and would prefer to watch the regular 2D but this one surprised me with the graphics and what they did to have the great 3D effects such as glass shattering and some of the action pieces.

Without giving to much away since the movie comes out
Friday, there were some moments that even had me trying to figure out if I was
in a simulation or not. Seeing the way Tris is trying to cope with the
happenings of the first movie Divergent was interesting to watch and her true feelings managed to make its way
out. Then there is Four when he…kidding, but FOUR did surprise me multiple times and I totally
have grown to like him more in this film, going from a heartless Dauntless
member to a caring boyfriend was fun to watch in this movie, and when he speak
the truth about his feelings for Tris I thought it was all the more great.  There are some parts of the movie that I had
to get used to Shailene Woodley’s acting, there were moments to me where it
seemed of and look like she was trying really hard if that makes sense. The Character spotlight for me was Miles Teller (Peter) he brought most of the comic relief and was fun to watch when he had some screen time.

The ending I thought had a twist and was not expected after watching all that has happened so far but did not know what to expect as I have yet to read the second or third book. There was a great sense of relief/anticipation for the people it was going to effect. The
ending definitely made me want more, and so I will be there when the third film
opens in theaters. If you do get to see it let me know what you think, what you
liked and your thoughts on it, I am looking forward to hearing from all you
when you make your trip to see Insurgent out Friday March 20
Are you planning on seeing Insurgent? Have you read the
Until next time
Watchtower Over and Out