Free Comic Book Day

Watchtower’s battle plan for Free Comic Book Day
What you are about to read is highly classified and for your eyes only…
Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday! The official excitement has ensued. I have never been this excited about getting free comics let alone having reasons to go to multiple comic shops in one day.

This will be my third year taking in the festivities and you can read more about it in my last post when I came to discover this wonderful day. The event seems to get bigger and bigger every year, I have a few stores in mind that I am hoping to attend one of them is par taking in a main st event, with over 20 stores participating, artists appearances, costume contest, best of all Free Comics, over 15,000 I might add.
I am not sure yet the exact order of the stores depending where I will end my FCBD.

Mission: Collect as many Free Comics for the Watchtower, and some friends who are unable to attend this mission. Take pictures, enjoy the festivities and have fun!

Drawn to Comics FCBD

Destination: Drawn to Comics
Location: Glendale Arizona 5801 West Glendale Ave. Glendale, AZ
Event(s): Celebrating their 10th anniversary, having artists there as well as two Power Rangers Danny Slavin from Lost Galaxy and Steve Cardenas from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Contests, giveaways and a Comicare Charity Drive.
Notes: I have met one of the artists that will be in attendance Fred Oro I met him at Fan Fest hosted by Phoenix Comicon
Contacts: Website / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

Gotham City Comics FCBD

Destination: Gotham City Comics Free Comic Book Day on Main St.
Location: Gotham City Comics 46 W Main
Mesa, AZ
Event: this little shop will be taking over Main st. and has a few stores to participate in the day of festivities.
Notes: I attended this store last year, but I was not able to spend as much time there as I would have liked to but this year with all the activities going on I will for sure have to spend some more time there.
Contacts: Twitter / Facebook 

All About Books and Comics FCBD

Destination: All About Books and Comics
Location: Phoenix Arizona 5060 N. Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ, 8501
Event(s): Having a FCBD Party 10am- 6pm Free Comics Free Refreshments and Free Balloons (who doesn’t like balloons) One Free Comic per person No Purchase Necessary and you can get 5 Free comics if you spend over $5.00. There will be characters such as Captain America, Green Arrow, Batwoman, Scarlett Witch making appearances, take pictures and post it on their Facebook the one with the most likes will receive a $25.00 gift card to All About Books and Comics
Notes: What I loved about this store last year when I attended was the get 5 free comics for spending more than $5.00 this gave me a legit reason to buy my Star Trek Buttons and the comics that you can choose from was back stock, I got some comics that were not on the FBCD list for 2014 and was pretty excited and a great way to discover new stories. This was also the store I wrote about in the Helping Save a Fading Memory post there mission was accomplished and will be at their new base of operations July 1st.
Contacts: Website / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

Samurai Comics FCBD

Destination: Samurai Comics (West)
Location: (New Location)
6808 N. Dysart Rd
Suite #148
Glendale, AZ 8530
Events: This will be the grand opening of the new and bigger comic store, what better day to open a comic book shop? There will be a 501st Chapter on hand for Star Wars Photo Opportunities and comic creator Shelby Robertson will be there with his work as well. You can take a look at his work here, I have bought from him a couple of times so far and is totally worth it. There sister stores Samurai Comics stores will be hosting the Arizona Comic Mini Expo AKA ACME this will be their fourth year hosting this mini convention, with numerous artists scheduled to appear. I attended last year and was really fun to see all the art work
Notes: This store Samurai Comics has multiple locations throughout the valley be sure to take a look at their social media to find them, this will be there newest location. The ACME conventions will be at there other stores throughout the valley.
Contacts: Website / Twitter / Facebook 

Black Widow Her Universe

Lets not forget something that is very important…the wardrobe. I am not all about dressing up and doing everything fancy but when it comes to comic cons and now FCBD I like to represent any way I can or have a theme. Can we say Everyday Cosplay? As much as I would like to get something from the nee fashion line by Her Universe at Hot Topic, or even the Black Widow T shirt recently released, I am going to make best with that I have already. I am thinking Avengers with the release (the wait seemed to take forever) The Avengers: Age of Ultron. If all else fails I can find anything on Superhero Stuff  and the goods to deck out my bags/ and other items for the big day.


Making a difference. 
There are a few stores that will be benefiting some charities across the value on FCBD. This is so exciting! Getting to celebrate something and making a difference in lives, Adults, Children, and even the animals. Here is a special shout out to Comicare. I discovered Comicare at The Amazing Arizona Comic Con, with the great cosplay group they have, I later discovered what they do and thought how special. Comicare is a non profit corporation here in Arizona that delivers donated comic books to children in medical facilities.

Comicare will be at the Drawn To Comics Shop hosting a charity drive. So if you have some comics that you have enjoyed and are ready to part with or making room for all the new ones that you will be getting this Saturday bring them, or message the Watchtower and I would be happy to take them. I have a few that I will be taking.
Contacts for Comicare: Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram

Last Years Free Comic Book Day Haul
Last Years Haul

I am really excited about FCBD this year, I hoping to meet new people and have a great time and experience something that seems to be growing in popularity over the years. Free Comics, I have my eye one some, you can take a look here in the latest FCBD post. Also I am especially excited due to this blog, I will be able to share it with all of you and this could almost be a warm up to having a press pass for Phoenix Comicon next month. If this is all going on around my base of operations I cannot even begin to fathom all of the other events taking place across the country.

Did I mention I am planning on having dinner with some Power Rangers? Stay Tuned.

This Nerdvana post was a site that has helped me with the fine tuning of the details and discovered while compiling my battle plan. Also be sure to check out the official Free Comic Book Day Website to assemble your plans.

You can follow any of the Social Media Channels for Superheroes.XYZ for all the fun the day brings. Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

What are you most looking forward to on the big day this Saturday? What is your Battle plan?