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Fandoms I am thankful for, this was a prompt from fellow content creators who began the Fandom Friday Link up. I saw this prompt and knew I had to do it, I missed out on previous post like my Gateway
Fandoms ones that help make me who I am today. I thought this would do, these are
fandoms that have been part of my life for a while now followed by some
new ones that I am having fun getting into.

Stargate This is one of the fandoms that has been with me
for some time now and what really started it all. When the show was on air they
made appearances at the San Diego Comic Con and where I got to meet most of the
Actors and see the panels. This was the glory days of the San Diego Comic Con. Dad was watching it and when I got into the show it was halfway through the
seasons of Stargate SG-1 and I was with Stargate Atlantis from Beginning to
end. Stargate Universe, well we won’t mention that one. This was the reason I
was excited to go to comic con and on top of that I met an amazing couple
through managing the autograph line for the show. We spent the whole time
talking as they were at the back of the line and gave me an autographed poster.
We try to see each other at every San Diego Comic Con since that day in 2006.
Star Trek I had always been aware of Star Trek and admired
it for this was my Dad’s show. Well the Original Series, he would always talk
about when he would watch it as a kid. He would say they predicted the future
with all the technology that has come to pass from the TV show. We grew closer
together with Star Trek in 2009. My Dad was very sick and I was waiting for him
to get out of the hospital to see the movie, he was mesmerized by it and
thought it was a 10 out of 10. After the movie we Netflixed (got them in the
mail at the time) Star Trek The Original Series. It was that point I
understood why Dad loved the series and brought us even closer together. Star
Trek will always be a part of life, one of Dad’s wishes is to go to a Star Trek
Convention as he has never been, which is great because its on my to do list as

Power Rangers: Mighty Morphin I am pretty sure this is classified as a fandom. But this was what I was a fan of before Stargate and Star Trek this was the beginning on Saturday morning with new episodes and toys in the Happy Meals. I am thankful for this fandom because it really was the first that I can recall being into. I am able to appreciate it more now that I am older and meeting some Power Rangers. I’ll admit I don’t know every single thing about every single season they have had for the past 20 years, but the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will always be my first.

Supernatural I
have known about the shows for years with their presence at the San Diego Comic
Con but was never into it, crazy I know. A couple months ago Dad started watching it and the rest is history
from that point. My Dad has enjoyed the show and the interaction and chemistry
the characters have with each other, he also wants a 1967 Chevy Impala for Christmas now. This Fandom
is so new to me and have loved every minute of binge watching on Netflix,
seeing how the actors interact with their fan base, and the community there
fandom has become. This
show so far has brought a spark that I needed back in my life and even closer
to my Dad. While writing this post an looking for photos I found one that I
took of Jensen Ackles (top left corner) back in 2007 at San Diego Comic Con, before I was into the show!

Disney/Marvel/DC Well Disney owns Marvel now so really this is two more. I have so much to say about these three fandoms. Disney has been apart of my life well forever, the vhs tapes and the classics like Beauty & the Beast. To newer ones like Marvel and DC Comics that are also fairly new to my life within the last couple of years. I have met some great people with these three fandoms. I love listening to fans talk about something they love with a big smile on there face.

Honorable Mention: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles my happy meal toys, figures and Halloween costume when I was younger shall not be forgotten. As well as meeting a co creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kevin Eastman this year.

These are the Fandoms I am thankful for, Why? Because each one of them mean something to me and have become part of my life. They have created special bonds with people and have made some bonds even stronger like my Mom and Dad’s. I have met some great people through these fandoms. They make comic conventions awesome and are part of experiences, ones that don’t happen everyday and are fun to look back on. These fandoms have shaped me into who I am today, and get to be part of a big family with other fans of the things I love.

What are the fandoms you are thankful for? Which mean the most to you? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter.

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