If you have not already heard recently I have gotten into Supernatural, I
am currently going through the obsession phase and want everything Supernatural. I have been telling everybody about my
new found love for the show, the actors, and the car. So when this month’s theme for the subscription box Fandom of the
Month Club was Supernatural I was beyond excited.

My First Box September’s Theme: Percy Jackson
I decided to try the Fandom of the Month Club after seeing the Once Upon a Time and Hunger Games themed boxes. My first Fandom of the month box was in September and the theme was Percy Jackson I was content
with it. I knew about Percy Jackson however would not really be classified
as a fan, just aware of it. I loved it though with the Pegasus earrings and necklace followed by a trident ring. I thought I would give it another try hoping for the theme to be
Supernatural since it was Halloween, and was already charged for the next box before I got my first one so I really had no
choice. Thankfully it all worked out because I was so excited to get some Supernatural merchandise.

October’s Theme: Supernatural
I checked my tracking delivery and the package came a day early then the
original expected delivery date oh so happy I was! Went out and open up being introduced to some pie and a minimalistic
magnet of the Winchester brothers.  The jewelry was awesome the Supernatural logo with the dagger and colt, a ring
with the wings of an angel, and the license plate earrings. The bag is my favorite with the car on it. The rings come adjustable so I was able to make it fit and so glad to wear it.

I would recommend this box if one, you want to see whether or not you would
like subscription boxes and getting them in the mail. Two it’s a decent amount of money that is ok to test something
and for some reason should you not like the box, you can cancel your subscription anytime. If you like jewelry and many
fandoms this would be great, also if there are things you don’t like or not fan of but don’t want to cancel in risk of
losing a spot for the next month, gift the items to your other nerdy friends! Hello to Christmas gifts and stocking

My ever growing Supernatural Collection
Getting my first box was a bit bumpy as it took a detour to Tennessee and was delayed in delivery, by then I already knew what was in it since I caved and checked out pictures on social media. However, this months Supernatural Box was well worth the bumps and coming a day early made up for last month. My Supernatural collection is growing and now I have the Fandom of the Month Club to thank as well, and looking forward to wearing the items to future conventions.

Are you subscribed to the Fandom of the Month Club? Would you try it? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter.

Until next time
Watchtower over and out