Inspiring Geeks
Real life geeks who inspire me, I wanted to make sure I was able to participate in this prompt for the Fandom Friday created by a fellow inspiring geek and one of her friends. I found it a little difficult to just write a sentence or two, and really wanted to share why they are inspiring to me. When someone has an impact on your life its great to let them know and share it with the world as well. Here are my 5 real life geeks that inspire me to do better with my site as well as become a better person for me and those around me.

Friendly Fans This is a super generalization, but I have come across fans of comic books, heroes, movies, TV shows and listening to them talk about something so passionately is really fun for me. There enthusiasm when they talk about the subject at hand with a big smile on their face. Fans are inspiring because they are not afraid to show how much they love something and let the real them shine through whenever possible. This has been something I have enjoyed more and more over the years of attending conventions and trying to connect with them as well, they shed light on things I would have never thought of and glad to have crossed paths with them.

Earning Her Wings by Amber Palma

Amber P I met her a little over a month ago and am still getting to know her but in the time we have spent together she is a ball of inspiration. She is a big fan of Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and she is a writer. I must say actually knowing a writer in real life is something I didn’t realize I would get to cross of my list so early, actually seeing her writing the pages of a book that will one day be published is pretty exciting. Earning Her Wings is one of her published books I have started to read it and enjoying it so far. Why is she inspiring, she writes, has the real life job, family and a weight loss journey that was pretty awesome to hear as well that motivated me to get started and know anything is possible. She continues to make a difference in peoples life enjoying all aspects of what she does. Her Favorite Quote “My bursting heart must find vent at my pen” -Abigail Adams

Megan aka The Nerdy Girlie

Megan Gotch aka The Nerdy Girlie I saw her in person this
year at San Diego Comic Con. It seems like I have known her even longer since I
started following her site a couple of years ago. She is inspiring because, she has
created something that she gets to do everyday with something that she already
loves and is passionate for. She is very interactive with her fanbase and inclusive with other content creators such as creating this Fandom Friday Link up with a fellow content creator. No matter what “real life” has thrown at her she still is able to post (this give
me hope for myself) on her site. Now that I have
gotten to know the Nerdy Girlie I am getting to know Megan the girl behind it all. Her
site has more personal blurbs about her time and place in space and what she
has been experiencing with recent changes in her own life. They are inspiring to read and comforting knowing you are not the only one experiencing certain
things. I hope to have a site as successful as Megan’s and have people return
after every post.
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Tony Kim Aka Crazy 4 Comicon another content creator I started
following a couple years ago, this year however he made the biggest impact, and
making me look at San Diego Comic Con a whole different way. He is inspiring with his story of starting out and reminds his readers about the insecurities and fears that still present themselves. He has pushed through them all and has had great outcomes from not letting the insecurities and fears take over. He is very inclusive with other content creators and interactive with his fan
base as well. Tony helped me tremendously this year and I hope one day to do half of what he does for the content
creator community and those that follow him.
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My Dad Saving the best for last; I think back on it and realized he was the gateway into this geektastic world. He is not the average geek, went to his first comic convention last year with me in 2014, but he always been a fan of TV shows, Movies, Computers, Sci-Fi and so much more. He has always been a trekkie growing up watching Star Trek The Original Series. He is sick now, and has technology keeping him alive, sometimes we call him Iron Man because there was a device helping Tony Stark stay alive and Dad has one now to, just not an arc reactor. We watch all kinds of shows together, Stargate, Merlin, Star Trek, Marvel Movies, my Mom has even fallen in love with the shows we watch as well. I took what we bonded over and fell more in love with it when I started going to Comic Con, when I got to take him to his first comic con and show him something that I have loved, it was pretty special. My Dad is strong and a fighter he inspires me every day to do things I love, supports me in all the things that I do and keep moving forward.

Who are some real life geeks that inspire you? Let me know in the comments or even on Twitter looking forward to hearing who your inspirational geeks are. 

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