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Last Fandom Friday’s post was about Reflection on the year that
just left, now I get to look ahead to 2016. Sharing ways I am going to take
chances this year, without chances there can be no change. Being a somewhat shy introverted
person a lot of things seems like taking a chance, but I am going to share the
ones that I am hoping will have the biggest impact not only for me but my site
as well.
Stepping out of my
comfort zone
This has been a continuous working progress and had taken big
steps in 2015. This year will be the year I am going to try harder with no hesitation, and to take bigger steps then I have before. There is so much out there, so many
opportunities for me and my site, I cannot afford to miss out on them anymore. Especially
if I plan on making any progress and taking my site where I would like it to
Putting my site out
I want my site to go somewhere, I believe it has the potential to do
so if I keep at it. I want to find people that would back my site, people
that would support it and any possible future projects. Work with fellow content creators or others who believe in my site or can see any potential in it as I do. Not just to slap my name everywhere and call it a day, to have genuine connections and keep true to why I started this site and the direction I have envisioned for it.  
Talking to people This may seem comical but you have a site now go talk to people, is said to me often by the people that know me closest; the struggle is real. I have been getting better now that I have my site, but there is always room for improvement. Talking to anyone I can whether be new fandom family members, fans at a comic con or even professionals in the industry. I don’t know what lies ahead with the conversations I might have, but I can leave no stone unturned.
Ask for things I
am usually not one to ask for help nor do I like asking for things, but if you
never ask the answer will always be NO. By asking for things I am talking about
networking, asking to collaborate, asking to do spotlights, interviews, doing
media coverage. I know there is the possibility of rejection but that is part of life, don’t let one NO prevent you from the future of YES. Asking in ways that will not only help me, but help other
content creators or friends in the industry as well

Make lasting
not just in the cyber sphere but as in real life as well, this
is where everything rolls into one. Make lasting connections with fans that could
possibly turn into real life friendships, fellow content creators. Being able
to look forward to meeting people at comic cons or special get togethers whenever the chance is

What are some ways you will be taking chances in 2016? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

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