Initiating Fandom Friday upload….

5. Want to Attend. There are so many, but here are the ones that came to the mind first.
D23 Expo, Wonder Con Anahiem, Dragon Con, Wizard World Con, and New York Comic Con.

Would like to attend

4.Renaissance Fair do these count? I have attended the one in AZ multiple times and always have a good time. I look forward to this time of year because I can wear my flower crown and tiara with no questions asked and the bonus Prince Charmings, Fairies, and Knights in shining armor who can go wrong.

Renaissance Fair

3. Fan Fest was the first winter show put on by the Phoenix Comicon held in Glendale,AZ at the Football stadium. It was nicely executed for being thought of in August/September. And I got to meet Diggle (Dave Ramsey) from Arrow and Ben Browder from Stargate.

Fan Fest 2014

2. Phoenix Comicon 2014 was my first year attending this comicon even though I have lived here since 2007 but my loyalties lied with San Diego Comic Con. I volunteered at this event as Exhibitor Hall Staff which was and continues to be a great experience in itself and completely different from SDCC. I was not disappointed and will be attending in the future. 
Stephen Amell Spotting.

Phoenix Comicon 2014

1. SDCC The one and only San Diego Comic Con, my home away from home in July and the most wonderful time of year. My first year was 2006 and made my 7th year in attendance in 2014. Most of the years I have attended via volunteer and has been worth it everytime. With the Swag getting better yet tougher to get and Nerd HQ it gets better every year.

SDCC Multiple Years

Upload Complete.

Thanks for reading, I can’t wait to read yours and see what other cons and fun there are out there. 

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