I love any reason to go to Los Angeles! I have been craving it since I went for the Supernatural Fan Movie Premiere last year. Who knew that another Supernatural event would take me back to the city of wonder! I say that because I have not been there so often or for long periods of time, and had the biggest smile on my face when I saw Downtown Los Angeles making my way to Hollywood.

The Event A Book Launch party with Supernatural Family members, cast and alumni of the show. This new book Family Don’t End With Blood is a collection of essays by Supernatural cast members and fans on how the TV Show Supernatural has changed there lives. The book edited by Lynn S Zeberins one of the authors from a previous fandom favorite Fangasm. I knew I would have the time off from the day job and put it on my calendar!

The decision to go The decision to go was not a light one to make, some factors had changed from the time of me putting it on my calendar to go, and when the time finally arrived. The responsible adulating thing to do was not to go, not a lot of money, no backup plan if something happen. I did find somewhere to stay outside of L.A. thanks to an amazing Supernatural Family Member and Wonderful friend! That was all I needed, I argued with myself for at least 2 hours the morning of. Thanks to a friend who said I have been doing awesome things with my site and grab all the “once in a lifetime opportunities” along with you never know what could happen. I said YES!

The Venue the event was held at a place on Hollywood Blvd called The Study. Aside from googling it, to know where I was going. The venue looked pretty cool and how awesome was it to say, I was going to an event on Hollywood Blvd, it was a certified 10! On the outside the venue was a little whole in the wall, but once inside it did not disappoint. I was greeted with a flavors of pie and a spot to purchase the book. The Study was books from the floor to the ceiling, in shelves on the wall and perfect for a book launch. Not only that, the venue gave off major Supernatural vibes, from Season 8 when Metatron is introduced in his room full of books, Bobby Singers house full of knowledge and/or the Men of Letters Bunker where the guys stay full of resources and years of history as well.

The Readings Some of the contributing actors read some of their essays, and hearing parts of how the show has changed their life is hard to put in words. Then contributing factors read some of their stories as well for a lack of better word emotional. I can see how this show has changed some of the fans life, but hearing it from actors as well was something else. How powerful the fandom is, the support they receive from the fans or how the show has helped them grow as an actor, performer, even as a person, and how they can and have made a difference in their lives and those of others.

The VIP Everyone was a VIP at this event, not only the actors who made an appearance but the fans as well. The people who put on the event, the writers, the band everyone! Even though some were in an episode or two they made a lasting impression on the fandom and was happy they showed up. Ruth Connell (Rowena) Gil Mckinney (Henry Winchester) Rick Worthy (Alpha Vampire) Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer) and more. It was fun to hear how the show changed their lives as well. During their time there, some of the Actors who contributed to the book read some of their essays as well.

Some have asked me how Supernatural has changed lives when it’s just a TV show. I thought it was a rhetorical question assuming a show that has been on air for 12 going on 13 years would have some sort of impact on something rather than TV records. The answer I give? Read the book, I haven’t even started the book yet, but that is my response to them. I don’t have an essay written in the book, but I know Supernatural has changed my life. I have no idea how to put it in words at this time but it has. The familial atmosphere at the event, the mutual respect between fan and actor, the comaradery amongst other fellow fans and meeting new people as if you have known them forever. That is one of the many things Supernatural has done. Got some autographs, saw familiar faces, met new ones including other volunteers for the mental health organization Attitudes In Reverse and best of all had a great time at the book launch.

Check out the book, Family Don’t End With Blood at https://www.familydontendwithblood.com/ Take a look at my social media for more pictures as well, some of the pictures are dark looking but that’s ok because I had a great time. The best part, some of the proceeds went to Attitudes In Reverse, the mental health organization that I help when I can.