Artist Spotlight! Everything we see today starts with ART, I wanted to put a spotlight on some of my favorite artists and ones I have come across. I choose Drakey Art to be my first spotlight! Why? Aside from being wonderful to talk to, they will be at the Phoenix Comic Con Sister Show, Fan Fest at the end of this month, has a new line of merchandise premiering soon featuring pendants with their art, and most of all I love their work. I do believe in fairies and dragons any art that includes those I’m in! You know Tinker Bell and Draco from Dragon Heart? Come on now who doesn’t believe?

Drakey Art consists of Nancy Johnson & Jay Nixon, the name “Drakey” came from the Chinese Zodiac signs. Jay’s sign being the Dragon and Nancy sign being the Monkey with using the first 3 letters of Dragon and last 3 of Monkey Drakey was born! Clever right? Drakey Art includes that of dragons, fairies, nature, and mythical creatures. Nancy and Jay attend local comic conventions, monthly art walks and share their artwork on their social media channels. I wanted to ask them a few questions and share some of their pieces you didn’t know you needed.

*I must say this post does contain affiliate links, I wish there was a better way to disclose it.*

Why Fantasy art?
Jay: I have always enjoyed fantasy art and the freedom of fantasy art. It is fun to challenge your imagination and stretch your creativity. When I was young I idolized Boris Vallejo and admired his work.
Nancy: I also love the freedom fantasy allows to be creative, colorful and “letting my imagination go”!
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Red Dragon Zzorok 
Out of all the mythical creatures you draw, if you could be one for a day which one would you be & why?
Jay: It would definitely be a dragon because they are so free.
Nancy: I would be a mermaid since I love the water and to swim! She is so graceful!

What is your favorite moment in creating a new art piece?
Jay: Completing it!
Nancy: When I see it jump off the canvas and become what I see in my mind!

Attending art fairs & comic con shows what is your favorite aspect of them?
Jay: All the different people that we get to meet. Their creative freedom with cosplay inspires me.
Nancy: I love meeting the fans and making new friends! Everyone is always so kind and appreciative of what Jay and I create.

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White Unicorns

How would you say your art differs from the many other genres and other fantasy art pieces out there today? 
Jay: I feel that a lot of my art looks like it comes from the 70’s-80’s. I consider myself an “old school artist” using oils as a medium and I have not yet done digital art.
Nancy: I have a gentler and realistic touch to my fantasy paintings.

What are some ways you offer your art? Is it just wood canvases?
Jay & Nancy: In addition to our canvas prints on wood frames/stretcher bars, we offer original paintings for art collectors, greeting cards, posters, exclusive matted art prints plus our new line of pendants created By KK Swann!
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Seascape Draco’s Eye
You are soon to have a new product line featuring your art, Jewelry Pendants by Kallissa K Swann, How did this expansion come about? 
Jay: Our paths when we met volunteering at the East Valley Boys & Girls Club.  I also knew her mom who worked at Mesa Community College where I was attending classes.  
Nancy: I met Kallissa several years ago when she interviewed us for a newspaper article at a Mesa Art Event. We have remained in contact even after she moved out of the area. Kallissa has been designing jewelry and reached out with the idea for this collaboration in using our art in her beautiful pendants. 
What are you most looking forward to with this collaboration?
Jay & Nancy: We are looking forward to seeing how our art can reach new fans and more people through this added medium.
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Art Featured on a Pendant Mermaid Full Moon

I wanted to get some input from whom they are collaborating with for their latest expansion of their art, here are a few words from Kallissa K Swan. You can sign up for K. Swans Inner Circle that will have discounts available via email for the Fantasy Art Pendants by Drakey Art.

“Drakey art and I have shared some business insights with one another for a couple of years, and one day t just hit me: their art would make beautiful jewelry! So I suggested combining out talents to create this line of Fantasy Art Pendants. They jumped on-board right away! I am so glad they did!”

“The Price range for the pendants will start at $20.00 and can be customized to fit individual styles. I’ll be offering wire-wrapped beaded necklaces, ribbon cord necklaces, and simple chain, in addition to different shapes and metals of the pendant itself.” -Kallissa K Swan

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Bonus! Perfect for the season Black Cat & Pumpkins

Drakey Art will be at Phoenix Comic Con Fan Fest October 22-23rd 2016 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix Arizona. They will have a table in Artist Alley AA608, I can’t wait to see what they bring to the convention. Be sure to check out their social media channels for up to date information and their store as well!

Drakey Art  Shop Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Website / Pendants 

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