Back when I first started attending in 2006 it seemed like I ran into/met more celebrities more then I have in the past couple years. I took a walk down memory lane and dug up some pictures from the shows when I met some. I have yet to run into a fellow Avenger, Joss Whedon, or one of the numerous celebrities that grace us with their presence at SDCC. Back in the day these were my A-listers that I was excited to see and glad I snapped a quick picture with them.

Definition of a fangirled from Urban Dictionary.
The act of
fanning ones hands rapidly near ones face in overwhelming excitement as a
fangirl would when meeting her obsession.

Although I don’t think I have
reached that level there are times I have been super-ly excited to meet
some celebrities. When I was going through the photos for the post I found so
many, and it was so fun to go down memory lane with them. I think my golden
year for actually meeting celebrities was 2007 as that is where most of the pictures
are from then it transitioned to celebrity spottings, as the popularity of the
convention made it…lets just say more challenging to meet celebrities. Such as all the great actors presented by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I think that will be the best picture I will come across. 

Joe Flanigan back in the day this show Stargate Atlantis was on the Sci-Fi channel before it became SyFy. Joe Flanigan (Col. Sheppard) was walking around with his son on the convention floor, I was debating whether or not to ask for a picture. I decided to and this was before the boom of selfies and smart phones, so the good ole disposable camera was at hand and it failed. The picture on the left is the one that the camera decided to fail me, and the right is when I saw him the next year.


Dave Hewlett also known as Rodney Mckay from Stargate Atlantis as well, he took this picture and luckily it came out. I was so excited to see him roaming the convention at the San Diego Comic Con. 
the photo that I took of her while actually signing my Sanctuary (her previous TV Show) items
a different year was really blurry as my camera had failed me again. Amanda was so sweet and nice to everyone she was signing for!
The Guys from Kyle XY (ABC Family) I only watched a couple of seasons but got
lucky with the signing. I was walking past the autograph line and someone gave me
their ticket, I later found out it was to meet these two cuties. I had yet to learn
how to talk to very good looking actors, but managed to say hi and when asked
how I was doing, my brain managed to find the word “Good”.
Zachary Levi I was in a holy moly I have met him already
mode, although I didn’t know it was possible to surpress such memories. After
realizing the greatness that he has done with Nerd HQ I thought it was all the
more awesome. This was from back then in 2007 when the TV show CHUCK was set to
premiere at SDCC. I did not originally have a ticket for the autograph line, but
they saw me and another fan lingering and asked if we wanted one…of course
no was not an option.
Those were the celebrities that I have actually met. Over the years it has become more of a challenge to get to actually meet the celebrities. I have become content with celebrity stalking spotting, here are some below. 
Leonard Nimoy, Kevin Bacon, Not Pictured: Gene Simmons, Run DMC and Ice Cube.

I walked around the Warner Bros booth I don’t know how many times, Stephen Amell and the Cast of Arrow were signing autographs. I would never be so
lucky to get a ticket, but a picture will do, the one I have of him, looks like
he is staring right at me! While walking around the group went into fangirl mode
because the cast of The Hobbit was at the top of the booth. Yes that includes Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock),
he came down and took pictures with the cast of Arrow I thought that was
pretty cool. 

Who are some celebrities that you have come across at a Comic Con? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

Until next time 
Watchtower over & out