This will probably my last official post of the week as I am getting
ready to embark on the most wonderful time of the year known to the geekdom!
The San Diego Comic Con is this week! I wanted to share some last thoughts for
anyone who might stop by to check out this post that is going, or anyone in
general. I promise not to make it to mushy, or have any chick flick moments
but, I thought it would be a good idea.

This will be my 8th or 9th year as I have
lost track, which I didn’t know was possible, this year there is so much going
on its hard for me to wrap my head around. I have a few things I want to see or
at least hope to see and all my battle plans & itinerary typed out. We all
know that the San Diego Comic Con anything can happen, it is always a good idea
to have a plan A B and at least through H. 2006 was the first year I attended,
and since then me and the comic con have had some moments where I wanted to
break up with it, like losing my camera in 2012 the year I cosplayed.
I have too much love for the show, even though it is a pain
to get tickets, making sure you meet the window of opportunity for volunteering,
dedicating a day in line, chaos, craziness, pain and heartbreak. This show offers
things that outweigh the bad, experiences, friendships, connections, bliss,
joy, a walk on cloud nine and feelings you didn’t know you had. That is also
one of the reasons why I continue to go to this show, and try to get friends to
go and sharing the love of the show with fellow fans, friends and family.
I was thinking of it and glad that a fellow content creator
(Tony Crazy4Comicon) had brought up some aspects, and a reason why I wanted to
add it to this post. All of the chaos that has been going on lately in the
news, the hate, discrimination, political storms, murders, violence, and just
borderline nonsense. People to me have been so close minded on a lot of things,
and accepting differences and people has seemed to veer on the side of going
extinct. Comic Con you are accepted and respected for who you are, your
political party vote, your sexual orientation none of that really matters at
comic con, you are accepted!
Aside from the turmoil in America I am ready for a vacation!
My Dad had a heart transplant back in May and we as a family have been helping
him recover. Dad had a heart machine known as the LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist
Device) for 7 years so this was a big change for us all. The job I have can be
stressful at times, then this thing called adulting and growing up. So my mind
and body is ready to be completely immersed in people who love the same things
I do, and will have that joyful feeling of fitting in and finding time to zen, its possible!. When I get back from
vacation and letting my geek flag fly freely, it will be back to the daily
grind, and work hard to get some things done, job wise, website wise, and
personally wise.
My solo journey the past 7 or 8 years I have always done
comic con solo, last year 2015 was the first year I went with a friend. It was
his first time, and he was there a couple days with me, we both volunteered and
he had a great time. We came across experiences like the Star Wars fireworks
show that was a highlight for the both of us. It was so different for me. This year
he is going again and going with a friend is so different, and now I am hooked.
I usually meet up with some friends I have met at previous cons for a quick
catchup or selfie, but this in itself is an all new experience for me!

My site, on one hand I am so proud of myself for posting multiple times in the week(s) leading up to comic con, on the other I am sad. Due to working and getting ready I slipped on giving them the promotion they need, as I am sure they were lost in the sea of social media in regards to the convention. I am glad I wrote them and had fun in doing so, it was nice to have post lined up and prescheduled as well, this was really motivating for the future of my site as well. I even decided to dedicate a page to the San Diego Comic Con and glad love seeing it fill up, I hope it has at least helped one person!

I have my Mission for this year’s comic con and hoping to
accomplish it, by putting my site and myself out there and cracking out of my
introvert-ness shell. This how means a lot to me and always seems hard to
explain when I want to explain it. I will try to be socially active on Twitter
or Instagram. I thank you all for continuing to support my site and take the
time to read this. I have to go finish packing since San Diego Comic Con Starts
Until next time, Watchtower over & out