Last weekend I attended Dev Con. I was asking the same thing of what in the world is a Dev Con when I found out about this event. Dev Con short for Sun Devil Convention as the great mascot of the Arizona State University is the Sun Devils. 
From Dev Con
This was a Fan Convention held at the Arizona State University West Campus located in Glendale, Arizona. Saturday March 21st-Sunday March 22nd. I attended Saturday and met up with some friends there as well. This convention was smaller than other conventions I have been to, but it always fun to see local crafters and artists out and about and be able to talk to them in a smaller intimate setting. The best part of this convention was it was FREE, with a Capital F the best and my favorite price to pay to check out something.
The Vendor hall was in one of the ballrooms on the campus, and
throughout the campus they utilized the space for panels, and hosted A Night of
A Thousand Worlds Dev Con Ball in the courtyard later in the evening. Some of
the panels that were held were Q & A sessions with topics such as Harry Potter, Avengers Age of
Ultron, Supernatural and some of which were hosted by local costuming groups.
Others like Nerd Trivia, Educational Careers in Pop Culture and many meetups of
different fandoms such as DC, Marvel, Transformers and Doctor Who. This was also a great event for the little kids since it was free, you can round up the family and dress them all in their cute little costumes for the costume contest they had for ages 14 and under.
Ladies from Velorum Creations
There were a few vendors there that hand made their goodies for sale, one of them was these awesome ladies at Velorum Creations with upcycled comic goodies and representing Star Trek as well. They have an Etsy Shop where you are able to purchase the goodies and had a special coupon code that was valid for 10% of the next Etsy purchase. Not taking out cash before going to this was a bad idea but also saved me some money.  I had my eyes on many things that I thought were a necessity to buy like the upcycled star trek and comic book buttons.
Items from there Etsy Shop
Another cute item I found that I thought would be perfect
to jot down my blogging ventures was these awesome notebooks with covers complete
with a pen holder and a pen. They were from Fastawker Designs they came in a
variety of fabrics, like Superman the Daily Planet, Batman and my favorite the
Designs from Fastawker Designs
There was some local authors an artists there and cosplays
of all sorts it was fun to walk around and take it in, seeing the sizes of
different shows, and learning about new things right here in my community. This was the second year they have put it on, and only hope
to see it grow in the future, every convention starts out somewhere. For more information you can visit their
website and hopefully in the near future they will have information regarding 2016.
Have you been to a local convention that is really small but everyone should know about?
Until next time
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