Monday March 6th was the eve of my Birthday, a beginning of a hopefully wonderful week, best of yet the day I got to see the live action Beauty and the Beast! Yes, I had the opportunity due to an awesome friend to see the movie early! I have been patiently awaiting the arrival of this movie in theatres, since they announced the casting of one of my favorite Disney princesses Belle. Recently I feel like I have been obsessed with this movie, but being older and seeing your favorite things you loved as a child being brought back to life is an amazing feeling. Being able to appreciate everything more than when you were a child, understanding what goes into the film making process, buying all things, having social media to gain access to exclusive content, and being able to discuss why we love the tale, all help create that feeling.

Beauty and the Beast

I can’t say I had high expectations for this movie, although I had expectations I set them low as not wanting to be dissapointed with a favorite. I was more nervous than ever I didn’t want a favorite to be “ruined” and have to walk away with disappointment. I can say one thing about this movie, I did not walk away dissapointed and whatever expectations I had they were met. I am pretty sure I had a smile on my face and my jaw to the floor for most of the movie! I was ecstatic to see this movie, and better yet wore my Beauty and the Beast merchandise from a subscription box I get! I don’t have any pictures as I was leaving straight from the day job but thought it was all fitting for the movie.

It would seem funny to say there is nothing to spoil, but there are something that could be a spoiler, so if you don’t want to take the chance check out some other posts on the site. If you choose to continue at your own risk here are 8 reasons you need see the live action Beauty and the Beast!

Beauty and the Beast DisneyA Classic This live action version is based off of the animated film that was released in 1991 winning a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture; Musical or Comedy, and became the first animated film to receive and Academy Award nomination for Best Picture. Or a film for most of us, stole our hearts back in the day when Disney was in their Renaissance Era bringing new kinds of films to our screens. A movie that launched another Princess for the little girls, themes for parties, and now days weddings, and gave hope that happily ever after is true and loving people (or things) for who they are and not what they look like.

Beauty and the Beast Movie Poster

The Cast I still remember the day Emma Watson was casts as Belle, I took a screenshot on the computer and posted it in a Facebook group to share my excitement! Time went on as they announced The Beast played by Dan Stevens, Luke Evans as the love to hate Gaston, his sidekick LeFou played by Josh Gad (Voiced Olaf in Frozen) Kevin Kline as Belle’s Father Maurice. Followed by a great supporting cast such as Ewan McGregor (Lumiere) Ian McKellen (Cogsworth) and many more wonderful actors that brought the characters to life. This film was directed by Bill Condon and the crew did an amazing job putting everything else together and bringing the story to life!

Mordernization There were aspects of the movie that they were trying to modernize such as taking out the fact (as I am pretty sure it wasn’t mentioned in this film that he had until 21st birthday to fall in love, and in the original story Belle was only 15 years old. An openly gay character, I knew nothing about, until someone brought it up to me before I saw the movie. However, the scene where it supposedly acknowledged was subtle, I didn’t even sense it throughout the movie I just thought it was an over the top friend. The way it was handled was good and didn’t seem imposed or forcefully put in the movie just to make everyone happy. I wasn’t the biggest fan when I was told for reasons and was not going to let it effect my movie going experience. Whether you agree with that aspect of it or not, it shouldn’t take away from the movie, they could handled it differently where it could have taken away from the classic we love.


Graphics A lot of movies these days are 70% green screen if not, for sure half of it is all green screen computer generated images. I bring this up because there was a Facebook Live Q&A session before the movie, one of the things I loved that the director mentioned was they tried to build real sets and have many real physical aspects for the movie, as audiences can tell the difference. I love when movies try to use as much “real” things as they can such as set building, props, decorations and so on.

Storyline & a deeper look We all know the basic storyline of the curse for the Beast and his Castle, seeing beyond someone’s outer appearance etc. This movie went a little deeper in to Belle and the Beast’s past, such as absent Parents, how and why the Beast turned out to be a not so friendly person to begin with, and why Belle’s Father never told Belle what happened to her mother and how she passed away. Almost to the extent of what the live action Cinderella did with Ella’s mother, what happen to her, when the father left and never came back. It was interesting to see, considering in the animated version, all we see of the prince before becoming the Beast is on a stained glass window and a portrait of himself. On top of their pasts we also get a better look at the enchantress (who was gorgeous) that put the curse on the Beast!

Beauty and the Beast Emma Watson

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Belle’s yellow dress I had high hopes when it came to the dress, they did such a great job with Cinderella’s dress for the live action. I know Emma Watson (Belle) didn’t want the traditional corset for reasons. When Belle is getting ready for the dance, you see the dress on screen for the first time, I had hearts as eyeballs! Laced with a touch of pure gold, beautiful accessories, there will never be enough heart eye emoticons to express how much I loved it. Although to be honest I was a tad bit more impressed with the Cinderella Gown and transformation, but after reading Emma Watson took about 12,000 hours to make I still have heart eyes for it!


Soundtrack The songs that were a part of our childhood and many others to come, all making another round for adulthood. The soundtrack for the animated won an Academy Award for Best Original Score and Best Original Song for “Beauty and the Beast”. The new rendition of Beauty and the Beast is done by John Legend and Ariana Grande (Music Video Above), although I’ll always love Celine Dion’s version, I love hearing it anytime of the day. This Live action also has three new original songs for the film “Time in the Sun” “Forever More” and “A Change in Me” all scored by the original composer from the animated film Alan Menken. These songs fit wonderfully in the live action and was happy to see they put their own touch on the classic!

Musical numbers Soon as you hear the songs your inner child is dancing and singing along. Of course the favorite was the ballroom scene with the iconic song Beauty and the Beast, it blew me away with the gorgeous ballroom! Be Our Guest was so fun to watch and colorful. During Gaston’s song I realized this was a live action musical (I know how silly that sounds) but all the acting, choreography, timing, steps and so much more that goes into the scenes. I noticed it the most as Luke Evans (Gaston) nailed that musical number with help from Josh Gad (Lefou). Luke Evans as Gaston really blew me away with his part and how he took on Gaston! I loved him more than I thought I could have.

I was ecstatic to see a pre screening with this film! Honestly words cannot express how much I loved it. I highly recommend you go see it, I know I will be seeing it a couple times during its run in theatres. When the movie started playing I got chills, you hear that tune we all heard in the very first Beauty and the Beast teaser trailer that broke records last year, and you are soon to be enthralled into the live action Beauty and the Beast! The whole time I had the animated version playing in my head as well, this rendition of the movie was wonderful. Emma Watson as Belle was such a perfect cast, her being Belle is my Hermione Granger (Harry Potter Heroine Emma plays) as she is to numerous people already. The fun, the music, the tale as old as time, everything about it was wonderful! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

Beauty and the Beast hits theatres everywhere March 17th Are you ready for it?