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I wanted to share some words on the Batman Vs Superman Movie, I don’t think my site would be a superhero site without the
mention of this movie. Now I have mentioned that I am not super awesome at
doing reviews, I probably shouldn’t but it is something I am working on to
better my site as well. When it comes down to plots, story lines, character
development, I have yet to put it all in words that would make sense. There are spoilers in here! I tried to avoid them, but am warning you now just in
case! Spoiler Alert.
If you are still here and seen the movie awesome, if you don’t
mind spoilers awesome one way or another you were warned. Here is my thoughts and
opinions on the movie we have been waiting for a while to hit theatres.

 Batman vs Superman Logo

The Title I like movies when they go all out with their
title, they have the opening scene and then the dramatic title and by line if
any. All the glory of you are about to watch this now pay attention. This movie
did not have one I was even waiting till the end credits and nothing! They did
not have the Batman vs Superman logo they have been promoting for the past couple years, didn’t even grace the screen. It seemed like it was an after
thought shown in the corner of the screen during one of the first scenes. Now
some would say maybe simplicity is better, or it doesn’t really matter. Well this
was the biggest disappointment as crazy as it sounds to me. You spend all that time
promoting the logo and not even put it in the movie?

Graphics Usually I can’t even tell the difference on movies with the graphics they use, sometimes I can tell with there is heavy CGI which sometimes gets annoying. Some parts of the movie had off graphics, as in fuzzy blurry, or looked like they were spliced from something completely different. Most of them were from the trailers we have been watching for a while now and had me wondering if it was copied and paste so to speak. Some of the scenes were rushed and by the time I realized we were onto a new scene, I was wondering if the last one was all the way finished.

Jesse Eisenberg [Lex Luthor] This was my least favorite part of the movie! The actor the character everything, I understand Lex is the bad guy. The actor left a bitter taste with me with comments he made in regards to his trip to San Diego Comic Con when he was promoting the film. Saying not very nice things about it and was a bit frustrating to me as, hey you are going to be in this world so learn to embrace it or tell your people not to send you to an event. Even aside from what he said, this aspect of the movie involving him was my least favorite part.


Ben Affleck [Batman] I am pretty sure I am not the only one
that thought he was going to do a horrible job at playing Batman. His time
as Daredevil was not so awesome either, the running joke was Batfleck. I
remember as a few people thought is was already a failure, when he was announced to play the character. Well I have mixed
emotions on it but for the most part Ben Affleck did a good job. I wouldn’t say
great ( I think I will have to watch it a few more times) to say great but he
did better than whatever I was expecting. I am glad I was proven wrong, yes we
all have our favorite on screen Batman’s but Ben Affleck wearing the Cape and
Cowl for what to come for the DC Cinematic Universe seems legitimate.

 Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot [Wonder Woman] I had the same feelings for her
when she was cast as Wonder Woman, I wasn’t the only one as I had talked to a
few people back when it was announced. You have this Amazonian Princess and you
cast her? I think that was the running line back then. Shes to small, shes to
this to that, whatever it was, I was more excited to the fact that DC was
finally bringing Wonder Woman to the big screen. I am not just saying that because I am a girl,
but because she is one of the most popular comic book characters and should get big screen recognition. The
costume, how she was introduced as Wonder Woman. Who all saw the pic with Chris
Pine, aka the intro to her solo film? I think I let out a silent Oh My Gosh during the
film as that photo was shared on Twitter awhile ago. Gal did a great job and so
happy they took care of bringing Wonder Woman to the big screen.
Other Justice League Members When I first heard Aquaman was
going to be in the movie, I always found myself wondering, how are they going to introduce him? The way they introduced the Meta Humans, and each one of them
making a brief appearance was great! I was so pleased how they did that and how
it fit into the film, even the brief moment with the Flash as I could not
believe what was happening at the time.
The Future of DC Cinematic Universe I think they set
something up that can be great, if they continue to work on it and take care of the
properties they have at hand. I also say if they want to be up there with all
the success that the Marvel movies have had, involving their cinematic universe that
they keep all the same characters. I am not going to say beat Marvel but be up
top where Marvel currently sits with their movies. To me when you are doing
multiple movies with the same character, try to keep the actor. It is so
frustrating to fall in love with a character/actor combination then have to get
used to a whole different one. Does it happen? Of course we take it and move
one, but this has been one of my favorite things that Marvel has done with
their actors, and I believe that is one of the reasons they have had so much
The Ending Well I won’t say to much on this, because that would be mean to of all places to spoil it, going straight to the end. I know its definitely not over with how it ended, and think it is impossible it is going to stay that way. My Mom said “I know why people didn’t like the movie, because of that ending” I laughed and was glad she enjoyed the movie, I think Superman was her favorite.  
Reviews I have heard so many different reviews on this
movie, Good Bad and did you even watch it kind of reviews. There are those that
base their movie going experience off of reviews, and so be it but I always
feel they can be missing out. If I don’t get that moment of I need to see this
movie in theatres whether, when I see the trailer or the day of release, I
usually wait till the dreaded Red Box has it. Between the reviews and what
people are saying there seems to be a huge disconnect. Of course there is! Most
of the people do not care what some website or official critic has to say about
a movie, people are going to see it regardless. We have been waiting so long
for this movie to finally get here, and they are attempting to bring new heroes
to the screen.

Team Batman & Superman

Overall I didn’t know what I was expecting so I was not disappointed, I have recently got into the superhero and comic books for the past 3 years now
and don’t know all the history of these characters, but that’s why the movies are
good because it is for both fans. This movie did have its flaws, like any other
movie, it had its good parts, parts we can do without and under all of that
stuff they think they needed for such a big movie, there is actually a decent movie
in their somewhere. Go see the movie, don’t listen to the reviews, everyone has
their own opinion they are entitled to. The best part for me, I was pretty excited that I got to wear all my Batman and Superman gear to a movie!

After all that reading, I will make sum it up in a reviews I love to do; a scale of 1-10
Following the Movie and whats going on: 4 some parts were good, then they would do random oh we have to mention this moments, and threw me off.
DC Trinity on screen together getting ready to fight: 8
Intro to whats to come in the future: 6 They did a better job introducing some characters of the Justice League then I thought.
Acting: 7 Some of the actors did a better job at playing the roles then I thought they would.
Overall Movie: 7 Giving this property props for trying to start something that a lot of people have been waiting for.

What did you think of the Batman vs Superman movie? Was there anything you liked about it?

Let me know in the comments below or Twitter!

Until next time
Watchtower over and out.

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