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TV these days have gotten better, there was the wave of reality shows, crime dramas, and now we have come upon the wave of heroes and more. With season renewals announced for shows like The Flash and Arrow the only way to go from here is up. Here is what is currently on my watchlist. There to many shows I watch to post them in one post so there will be some more in the future. I thought it fitting for this month some of the shows are returning after there mid season finales last year, and a brand new show on the air.

Gotham Origins

Gotham was heavily promoted at San Diego Comic Con 2014, I was not planning on watching it but after seeing all the promotions at SDCC I thought I would check it out. Till this point I am not disappointed, I do not love it, yet or hate it. It is something that has grown on me and I find it very Penguin centric. I can’t wait to see more interaction with Bruce (Batman) Ivy Pepper (Poison Ivy) and Selina Kyle (Catwoman) Gotham just returned January 5th and have will watch it soon.

Agent Carter
Agent Carter Recently Premiered and is on my watch list. Who would not want to see a new kind of Hero-ine. I am also looking forward to the costumes and props with the time period it is set in, and a friend mentioned Chad Michael Murray was in it, so it became a definite must see.

<3 Arrow X2

Have I mentioned I love Arrow? The mid season finale left me breathless and speechless. Was upset for a mili-second when Oliver was going to go fight and all he did with Felicity was kiss her on the forehead but then made up with a “I Love You” It seemed like Oliver forgot how to fight in the scene against Ra’s Aghul. I am anxious to see what comes about with Felicity and Roy Palmer decide to do, I am thinking a trio of greatness? Arrow returns January 21st on The CW

The Flash

The Flash
I was not necessarily a fan of the Flash or have not really followed anything in regards to the Flash. I started watching the show due to the corssovers with Arrow. It took me awhile to get into it but am coming around. The epic two episode crossover with The Flash vs. The Arrow was the moment that made me say ill stay. The Chemistry with Iris and Barry is fun to watch, yet sad for Barry knowing he can never really have the girl and already confessed his love for her, that helped to. The Flash returns January 20th on The CW

What is on your TV watchlist this month? What do you think of the veteran show and the new ones?
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