Author: Jasmine

Hi 2018!

Hello 2018! 2nd month into the new year with all the hopes, dreams, fresh starts, resolutions and hope. I am going on my 4th year with this site! The site I originally created to share comic con adventures and other geek-tastic things with people who love things just as much as I do. With all that being said I am dusting off the site, it has lacked getting the love and attention it deserves lately. I was really debating on doing a “where I have been” post, I know most people do them when they go on a small hiatus, on one hand I enjoy reading them, on the other I’m like no worries its none of our business. Well I am doing one! My last post was in October 2017! Rambling thoughts, there was so much I wanted to write yet so much I thought I shouldn’t write, knowing it will make waves or people think differently of the site, or negative Nancy comments that I’m not ready to handle. Before that there was sporadic posts, one about my day job (a 911 dispatcher). I thought putting something up whenever was better than absolute crickets on the site, but the crickets eventually won. From May 2017 –August almost September 2017 there was one event after another, so much going on so much awesome-ness, for a while it was...

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Rambling Thoughts

Trying to get back at it, writing that is; I can name all the excuses as to why I have been silent on here for the past few months; but I won’t. The last post I did was about my day job (a 911 dispatcher) and the past few months have had some cool stuff along with things I can live without, let’s just chalk it all up to adulting. I have had so many things I have wanted to write about lately, my new stuff, a new show that I totally fell in love with, Celebrities and their political business/agendas (who wants to hear an unpopular opinion), all at the same time realizing I am coming up on my 4th year of having this little site on the cyber webs now. I know its touchy to write about certain things on the web, the fear of people unfollowing you or people being mean on the cyber webs when someone says something they don’t agree with. I haven’t, although I have a few drafted some up and they have yet to see the light of day. I always listen to people share whatever they have to share whether I agree or disagree, me liking that person and or that persons content outweighs what their thoughts are on political situations or world matters, don’t get me wrong it’s their choice...

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911, What’s the location of your emergency?

Call 911, A phrase we here often in the movie world and sometimes in real life. Calling 911 can mean numerous things, worst day of one’s life, trying to save someone, keeping the peace or a cat in a tree you name it. There is someone at the other end of the line asking questions that need to be asked to get help to the other party as fast as they can. Sometimes it can mean life or death, the details, the timing the location and what is going on. What is with the small 911 101? Well I...

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Status Update: Living in the moment

Where has the last 4 months gone? They seem like they went by in the blink of an eye (I was not expecting that to rhyme). My full intention was to keep up, get things posted, and share with you all, even if it’s only one person reading what I write. I could say I am sorry but am not, I was being in the moments, with all the experiences I have had lately. Posting here and there on social media, but also putting the phone down more than I am used to. May – August were experiences, opportunities, relationships made, relationships made stronger and working on my life in general. I won’t get to sappy, and will continue on, Phoenix Comicon, Supernatural Convention, San Diego Comic Con and recently a success summit in Las Vegas Nevada. One event every month, aside from everything else I was doing at the time. Work probably hated me but I don’t regret asking for any of the time off. I am going to take all the next 4 months with me as long as I can and of course some of what I learned into the new year (it’s right around the corner!) I do appreciate you all that read these posts, interact on social media and appreciate your friendship, whether in real life or via cyberspace. More to come here on...

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Phoenix Comicon: Quick Review

  Where did June Go? Now San Diego Comic Con will be here sooner than I can imagine! In the mean time more so the last few weeks so much has happened, in my geektastic world I haven’t even had a chance to write about it all yet. What are some of the things you may ask? Well one of them was Phoenix Comicon that was at the end of May. It was a memorable one, the crazy guy with guns and knives who wanted to kill a former Power Ranger actor. That guy derailed the start of comicon, implemented changes...

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