The past month or so I have probably seen more movies then I
have in at least 2 years…well it seems like it. I have mentioned before that I
am not the best at movies reviews, to where most of the time my extent of them
is, awesome go see it, or wait till Red Box (I miss
Blockbusters) along with a scale of 1-10
Here are some of the movies that I have seen lately, and
just wanted to share a couple thoughts on them, and would love to hear about
what some others thought of them aside from what I have been seeing in the
Ricki and the Flash 
Starring Meryl  Strepp her daughter Mamie Gumer and Rick
I was able to see this movie before it was released in
theaters, yes that’s right a pre-screening opportunity…got to love them. I
took my mom and it was a perfect movie for us to see together. Love, Good Music
is all you need through the good, the bad and the ugly times. I have enjoyed
Meryl Strepp as an actress, although I have not seen all of her movies the ones
I have seen her in I love.
The Verdict: Red Box Mothers or Motherly Figure kind of day Scale: 8

They heard about his visit to the Avengers HQ
Ant Man 
Starring: Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline
I was not super stoked about this movie and had no idea how
they were going to make it work with the power of shrinking and having good
vibes with ants. Whatever I was expecting from this movie, although at the time
not really sure what it was, was far exceeded. The way they did the movie,
storytelling comic relief, some Avenger action was great.  I went with my sister who when I always take
to a Marvel movie ask if we can leave before the end credits scene…No! Stay for
it all.
The Verdict: Go see this one in theaters, if you have not, the more the
merrier. Scale: 8

Starring: Adam Sandler, Kevin James
Let the Nerds take over!! I thought this was fun movie to watch and thought it would
have done a little better than it did. I am glad I know what to do just in case
we are attacked by retro pixels…you never know. Some of Adam Sandler’s movies
are a hit or miss for me some are great, and some I can do without. This movie
was funny but not as I call stupid funny in which I don’t think is funny at all.
The Verdict: I enjoyed it and would say a discount, Red Box kind of Date. Scale: 6

Starring: Ed Helms, Christina Applegate
This is the son of Clark Griswold Rusty wants to take his
family on a vacation to Wally World to reconnect and all the good things of a
road trip. This movie had its moments of stupid funny and moments I thought
were genuinely hilarious and relatable to. A highlight of the movie was Chris
Hemsworth’s (Thor) six pack. I saw this movie due to starting a new job and was a great way to zen before the work week began, that is why comedies are great and this was just the cure. 
The Verdict: I would wait till Red Box Scale: 7

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation 
Starring: Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg,
Jeremy Renner
I have to admit I have not seen all the Mission Impossible
but know they have awesome gizmos and gadgets. The last one I watched was the
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol I thought it was pretty awesome and love
Simon Pegg (Scotty Star Trek) and Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye The Avengers) So
watching this one was a must since it had the return of the characters and Tom
Cruise riding on the side of a plane. It had comic relief and oh no he didn’t moves
along with the guy that we wish would just vanish from the movie, I enjoyed it
action and comedy (done right) are the two best things when they are nicely put
together in one movie. The Verdict: Go see this one in theaters. Scale: 9
Fantastic Four 
Starring: Miles Teller, Kate Mara.
This movie was not so fantastic and was trying to get on the super hero movie making bandwagon a little
prematurely. I can understand the adoption of Johnny Storm ad Sue Storm and
why they decided to do it makes sense. The movie lacked..well everything. I
would not say it was horrible, but now that I think of it, there was really nothing
there. They save the best…well better then the rest for the very last. I am for
the original and no not just because Captain America was also the Human Torch.
Some of the actors I didn’t mind but do to the lack there of, maybe they will
consider giving this property back to Marvel or have learned not every single
Superhero needs a reboot, re make, or redo to its name. I enjoyed Kate Mara’s performance as Invisible Woman and that was pretty much it.
The Verdict: Wait till Red Box. Scale: 4

Movies these days are expensive to go see, the quota and pressure of blowing our minds not only rest on the actors but even more the studios. The thing that plays a big part movies this days more than ever is social media. Social Media and word of mouth are the two most popular things. The big wigs at the desk wonder why movie going rates are down…well people do not want to spend there hard earned money on something they have already seen, such as reboots, remakes, redos, or the 20th making of a movie. Yes its fun to watch and get excited about all over again but at least make it unique and different. Such as Star Wars! yes it will be the same but newness to it and what its going to do for a whole generation. 
Movies I am looking forward to for the rest of this year and might check out while in theaters….
Everest 9/18
The Martian 10/2
Pan 10/9
The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 11/20
and of course Star Wars: The Force Awakens 12/18
What are some of movies you have recently seen? What did you think of them any recommendations?

Until next time…
Watchtower over and out.

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