I hope I am not to late to for the train, but I have finally
recovered from Phoenix Comicon! It was not that long ago and the effect of the
great (yet stressful) time I had still brings a smile to my face.

Phoenix Comicon was held May 28th-31st
at the Phoenix Convention Center in Arizona
This year marked my second year not only attending the
convention but volunteering as well. Phoenix Comicon was 4 days of nerd heaven
out here in Phoenix Arizona where people from all over were able to come “Discover Their Inner Geek” with Phoenix Comicon. Panels, Cosplay, Outside
Events, Great Causes, Vendors, Exhibitors, Artists, Celebrities, and camaraderie
were some of the things that one was able to find at this convention. I had the
ability to not only volunteer during the convention but also had the privilege
of a media pass for the convention, the first for Superheroes.xyz and
well worth it.

Although I don’t think I harnessed the full power that comes
with a media pass, (babysteps) I had a great time talking to people and don’t
think I did to bad for my first time. I was able to talk to many people down on
the exhibitor floor. I volunteer my time at exhibitor hall, as this is one of
my favorite places at a comic convention. I also romed around and asked the
exhibitors what they thought of the convention and admired their work.

This year the exhibitor hall was expanded with more booths and
tables added, this was in part to moving the celebrities with their autographs
and photo ops along with the large cosplay groups up to the third floor of the
building properly names as the Hall of Heroes. Previous years the celebrities cosplay groups were on the
same floor as the exhibitor hall, this was there first year utilizing all three
floors of one building and only using 2 out of the 3 buildings the convention
center has to offer. Home of the previous spotlight panels became home of
registration, this was a great improvement as to last year when the convention
used all three buildings. There was less confusion as to where everything was.
Did I mention you get to cross a skybridge?

With Phoenix Comicon reaching over 75,000
attendees this year, utilizing the buildings the way they did I think made it more
enjoyable for me. There was a notable difference on the exhibitor floor it was
not good and not bad, it was taking note that this convention can only grow! The other benefit of moving some things upstairs were the
wide aisles, bigger conventions try to put as much as they can in one area, and
an attendee spends more time walking with the crowd or watching where there
going then actually being able to look around. There was no pressure to hurry
up and look at what the exhibitor hall had to offer.

This years convention was one for the books, not only did it
seem like the first week the weather decided to hit 100 degrees, but with the
way they used the buildings, selling out on full event passes for the first time,
the experiences the convention offers and still being affordable for the size
it has grown to is a good quality that hopefully will stay. I also for the first time spent an crazy amount of money for a
photo op with Michael Shanks from Stargate who has been there since the
beginning of my fandom loving days. I am
currently kicking myself for not getting one with Karl Urban but I will recover
soon enough, hopefully.

Before the exhibitor hall opened on Thursday

Phoenix Comicon is moving up in the ranks, this is only my second year volunteering and attending but having attended a previous show that is now known as the Superbowl of Comic Cons (shhh its next month) it is definitely going to grow. Those that want to grow with it will stay, many new people will come and those that have been there from the start will stay.

Stay Tuned for more, as I talk about going with friends for the first time, sharing some great people I got to talk to and more. I can’t wait for next year’s show luckily they have
created a sister show in the winter known as Fan Fest that gives us a little
taste of Phoenix Comicon as we do not have to go without it for so long.

Did you attend Phoenix Comicon this year?

Until next time…
Watchtower over and out