The Comic Con that knows how to put amazing in Amazing Comic Con.
I attended the Amazing Arizona Comic Con earlier this year and that is exactly what it was…Amazing. With the Amazing Hawaii Comic Con coming up this weekend, I thought this would be a perfect time to share. 
The Itinerary
I signed up as a volunteer, this has been a great way to experience comic cons that I have not been to before and a good way to save a few dollars on a pass. I volunteered for two days, Saturday and Sunday. I arrived early on both days to wonder and explore and reported for my volunteer shift.

Shopping ensued, I stopped at the Aspen Comics booth to get one of my nerdy friends something. He enjoys the art work from Paolo Pantalena, I like all their work and found something that 2 of the people were there to sign, later I found out that one of them was the editor and chief of Aspen Comics Vince Hernandez and the other one who has signed some stuff before is the Vice president of Aspen Comics Peter Steigerwald. I enjoyed the book I got for him and think next time I will pick up a copy for myself.  I found these hero prints that were very inexpensive and had the artist sign them, I thought they would make great gifts for some friends. I also scored the Avengers Storm troopers print from and artist I previously bought art from at the Phoenix Comicon.
Funko Pop
These figures are addicting as I had mentioned how my addiction came to be in a Fandom Friday post I was on a mission to find some to take to Hawaii with me back in February. My original plan was to get a Captain America and Black Widow. Well I ended up getting Lilo, Stitch and Captain America.  Shopping for comics I was super excited when I found a Gothamtopia comic with the Batgirl Costume all white. I recently read about it as I was looking into some cosplay ideas, and like the theme this Gothomtopia comic had which was Gotham as a happy place.

It was so fun to see all the different cosplays, I think this would be a fun convention to go dressed up one day. There were so many fun characters Deathstroke from Arrow, a great Hawkeye and Black Widow Cosplay. There was a group that did a Steampunk version of the Wizard of Oz, the witches are pictured below. What is a comic convention without a pictures of awesome storm troopers and cosplay. Some I just had to get a picture of, and for more you can visit Superheroes.XYZ Instagram page for more photos and some of me with awesome cosplays.

Line Managing
I know this does not sound like fun, but it is part of why this convention really was amazing to me. I am not the biggest fan of line managing as sometimes that is all I ever do when volunteering at the San Diego Comic Con but at this convention I got to line manage 3 lines the first day. When my shift started at 3 on Saturday  they told me I was going to be managing the line for Kevin Eastman. Yes Please! I was stoked, I just got my stuff signed and then got to manage a line where I already had two things in common with people, comic cons and the Ninja Turtles. It was so fun talking to everybody about the Turtles asking if they liked the latest movie, the story lines, what they were getting signed all great conversation starters. I even met some people that go to the San Diego Comic con as well. The compliment for the day I received was you are really good at managing lines. Thanks I learned it at San Diego Comic Con.
After the Kevin Eastmen awesome-ness ended I was off to Adam Kubert’s line I have heard the name around the scene before but was not sure of his work. I asked and found out he does work on the Marvel Axis comics, which is on my to read list. After that it was off to George Perez. Anyone know who he is? Well I seemed to be the only one standing there that was unaware of who he was. I was standing next to a Gambit, Rogue and Kitty Pryde and asked them who he was. They showed me all the comics that he has done and was like wow. After the line was done George thanked me and the other two volunteers for our help and said come back in the morning and he will do a sketch for us. 
I got to manage the lines for Kevin Eastman both days and that was a highlight for me it was so fun talking to all the people there, the second day there was a celebrity look alike in line and drove me crazy because at the time I was not able to figure out who he was, eventually I did, he played a bad guy on Arrow.

The Experiences
On Saturday after getting my wrist band for the day I went straight for the Kevin Eastman [Creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes] line to get my San Diego Comic Con souvenir guide signed that had an article about the 30th anniversary of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Unfortunately the line was capped off and no one else could get in line.  I was talking to a lady that was part of Eastmen’s group about it, and she said you can come back around 3. She saw my volunteer shirt and said I can come a little before 3 I told her that was when my shift started. Being a volunteer had its perk, she asked what I had to sign and how many, I showed her and told her it was all ready to go. She asked if I wanted it personalized and said yes please! So she slid in and had him sign it real quick.
George Perez, learning who he was while managing his line was pretty fun. All the comics people were having him sign and the characters that he would draw for people were fun to see in real time. The interaction between him and his fans was fun to watch, doing great pictures, giving out  hugs, kisses compliments and many laughs. Perez told me and the volunteers to come back early the next day and he would draw us something for helping out. I ended up not making it early enough, after I was done with the Kevin Eastman line I went over to offer him safe travels and he remembered me. He was all packed up ready to go and he said I owe you a sketch, I declined at first as he was ready to go but he insisted. So Wonder Woman was my choosing.
I did not know what to expect for this convention, it was very artist and comic book focused only of course its a comic con, no taste of Hollywood celebrities TV/Movie wise were there. I had heard from people it was small, or nothing special, or not as big as the other ones, so many different things, I thought I would lay them all to rest. I had a better time than I thought I would, now looking back on it I met some really cool people and actually had a lot of fun. I wish some of them I would have had gotten there contact info to keep in touch or maybe even meet up for a quick hi next year.
What made this convention so amazing you ask??
For one the intimacy, since this was a smaller convention,
these celebrities in the comic book world were able to spend one on one time
with their fans that have admired them and their work for so long. The artists that were able to spend ample time signing comic
books and other merchandise. The next Amazing Comic Con scheduled is this weekend September 18-20th in Hawaii; The Amazing Hawaii Comic Con and wish I could be there.

Have you been to an Amazing Comic Con?

Until next time
Watchtower Over and Out