Amazing Comic Con Arizona was in town last month on
Valentine’s day weekend the 12th-14th, while some were spending it with loved one; I was
spending the weekend with something I love; Comic Cons. I was finally able to
write about the amazing time I had at the Amazing Comic Con in Arizona. One of the best things about comic cons is they offer experiences that you can rarely get anywhere else. This years Amazing Arizona Comic Con had so many for me, I could not put it all in one long post. The best way a day at a time and getting to really talk about what I got to do, and who I was able to meet at this show. 
I had planned on going to the show but was invited to cover it! The creator of Amazing Comic Con liked my site and said it was great! How exciting is
that? That meant so much to me and motivated me to do even better to have offers again in the future. I previously wrote about how this year was going to be different for me,
well it was more different then I had imagined. I didn’t want to throw
everything I did in one big post because there was so much, and seemed like one
would be reading for awhile. For a smaller convention out here by my base of
operations, it was a pretty big weekend for me. The weekend was full of first,
fun and great experiences that I will be talking about all year.
Friday the 12th was the first day of the Amazing
Comic Con, I didn’t realized it started at 3pm which was perfect as I was still
getting things ready and prepping for the weekend and prepping my new phone that
I had switched out. This was the day for me to scope out the floor, see who was
there and get ready for the Deadpool Movie Experience with one of the creators Rob

The first stop I had to make was see my artist friends Jay and Nancy of Drakey Art! We are coming up on one year of knowing each other, and I try my best at every show to see them. I first met them at the Southewest Makers Fest in Mesa, Arizona March of 2015. I loved the fantasy art. They also have been adding fun pop culture pieces to their collection such as Rainbow Dash, The Joker, and Black Widow. They always have something new and I enjoy seeing the details that go into their work. 

Micah Garcia aka The Stuck Duck
A Deadpool Piece made out of duct tape caught my eye, Micah Garcia also known as the Stuck Duck had some pretty unique pieces. His son had a great pitch every time someone came to the table. Micah’s inspiration for his duct tape art not only came from his love of comics, but from another another duct tape artist he met the previous year who was also vending at this convention. Not only
did he have great looking art pieces made from duct tape, such as Iron Man and Spider Man, this was his first
comic con ever! I was so excited for him! I picked up some small art card pieces
since his son did a great job at pitching the art work, turned out I was his
first customer! Yes first customer at his first convention I was pretty excited not only for my new art pieces but for him! I hope he does great in the comic convention circuit and looking forward to seeing his work again in person!

Left: Vincent Hernandez Right: Tom Hutchinson

Aspen Comics This
was the first year I got to really talk to some of the guys behind Aspen Comics
Vince Hernandez (VP/Editor in Chief) Tom Hutchison (Co Founder of Big Dog Ink) We
were talking about the difference between smaller shows like that of Amazing compared to the big ones like the San Diego Comic Con. The interaction
between the fans and actually getting to take a minute or two to talk to and interact with them, rather than the hustle and bustle bigger shows bring. I
had many good laughs with them I was telling them about my friend and how I
came about to liking Aspen Comics myself. I ended up getting this Paolo Pantalena
cover that was an exclusive for a previous convention one for me and the friend
how awesome!

Left: Brandon Mullen Top Right: Rob Leifeld Bottom Right: George Perez
I spent a good amount of time wondering the floor, seeing what and who was all there, so many new and different types of content creators. One of them I came across was Brandon Mullen a fiction Author in Phoenix Arizona, he
was promoting his work Larry the Weatherman Superhero. It was something I have never hear of before and that is one of the great things about a show like Amazing. Also present in the hall were legend creators such as George Perez, and one the creators of Deadpool Rob Liefeld (ill get to more of
him soon) meeting fans, doing commissions and having a good time at the

After a first day down and getting ready for the weekend the
real fun came on Friday night. Watching the anticipated release of the Deadpool
movie with one of the creators of Deadpool Rob Liefeld! I bought my tickets a few weeks ahead of time when they were available, and thought it would be fun to say ” I saw the movie Deadpool with the the creator of Deadpool” it has been fun to say. Before we went into the theater we were given an exclusive print and comic both signed by Rob, then patience set in awaiting for Rob to say a few words and the movie to begin.

Rob Liefeld said a few words before the movie, the crowd was getting even more excited. He talked about how the Deadpool movie has really been in the works since it was first announced back in 2009, has taken 7 years to make this movie but its been worth the ride. It was fun listening to him talk about something come to fruition and who was liking it, such as Stan Lee (chairman of Marvel Comics), who told him; this movie was a game changer. Another creator Rob mentioned was Robert Kirkaman (comic book writer creator of the Walking Dead) told him it was a great movie as well. Rob brought up the having a cameo in the movie aspect, and his response was “I am more of an easter egg, if you see me good for you.” 

I told a few people before hand that I was going to be seeing the Deadpool movie with a creator of Deadpool, and their minds were blown. They had asked me how I was able to score an opportunity as such, all I really said was its a comic con. That is the best thing about comic cons is these experiences you don’t come across everyday. I am glad Amazing Comic Con was in town for one of the biggest releases of the year and one of the best experiences I get to share all year!

Have you been to an Amazing Comic Con yet?

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