Valentine’s Day weekend is coming up and that only means
one thing for me, spending time with something that I love! The Amazing Arizona
Comic Con is back in Phoenix February 12-14th, also the weekend with the anticipated release of
the Deadpool Movie! So while some of my friends are sharing their excitement
for the valentine’s weekend plans I am sharing my (cooler) plans of attending a
comic convention.

2015 was the year I discovered this small comic con, I had
heard about it before and didn’t really get a chance to attend. I had always
asked people what they thought about it and the general consensus was it was
small in a tone that made it sound questionable to attend. I signed up to be a
volunteer at the convention, a great way to check out a convention you have never
been. I was also working that weekend so I attended the convention during the
day and worked at night. Who needs sleep when it comes to comic conventions? I
had a great time in 2015 and wanted to share why this year will be different
for me.

I will know who people are. I will probably lose some geek
credit admitting this but last year I was unaware of who some of the artist were.
I only got into the comic book and art side of things in 2014 so it’s all still
new to me. I was aware of Kevin Eastman and what he has done for the Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles but that was pretty much it. Isn’t that the best things
about comic cons is learning about new artists? I learned who George Perez was, writer and illustrator of titles including Teen Titans and Wonder Woman.
Another light bulb that went off that day, this random
guy brought over his son to get a picture with George Perez. Little
did I know it was the creator of Deadpool Rob Liefeld with his son. After that
convention I kicked myself in the butt a few times, realizing wow I was there
for two legends in the comic book world and had no idea. Amazing
Arizona Comic Con may have been small, but sometimes smaller is better. I had
great experiences at this convention and can’t wait for this year.

I have my website last year I had my site as well, but this year I am going for the purpose to cover it. I was invited to cover this comic con by Amazing themselves as they liked my site! That was
pretty awesome to hear from an organization like theirs, and harder to put in words then I thought. I am hoping to push myself at this convention and really get out there and talk to people. This will be my first convention of the year and want to start off right. 


New Experiences such as a
screening of the Deadpool movie with it’s creator Rob Liefeld. I already bought my ticket! This time I know who he is and what he looks like. How many people
would get to say they watched the Deadpool movie with its creator? Exactly! This is what comic conventions are about experiences that usually do not come around every day. I came to like the character Deadpool when I met a friend who loved him. I enjoy getting to know about new characters from their fans.
See if there are any tickets left!


A Geek Fashion Show! I have only attended the Her Universe Fashion Show at San
Diego Comic Con, but this year Amazing Comic Con is having their very own. Not
only will I be attending but will have a press pass and possibly get to interview some
of the designers. One of them I came across on Twitter, Elhoffer Design. She was making stunning Star Wars themed dresses that caught my eye and have been hooked ever since. Catherine Elhoffer of Elhoffer Design and fellow hostess Meredith Placko are the ladies putting on the Amazing Fashion Show. I love geek fashion and as though sometimes I feel
I cannot pull of some of the looks, I love how it is continually evolving in
the world we are in today.

Meeting People The best part of any convention is the people, there are so many that you can meet. Artist, fans, connections and who knows where it all can lead to. Opportunities
down the road, lasting comic con friends or being part of an experience with
certain people.

Pre Con Mixer was January 31st. I went I bowled and I conquered, this was my first pre con Mixer. The Amazing Arizona Crew wanted to invite artists, fans, and content creators for a game of bowling and get excited about the show. The best part was seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones, it was nice putting a face to the icons I saw on social media. This was fun to attend and made me even more excited for the show!

This convention will be different all around, I am excited
to push myself for the goals I set for my site and I this year. Anything can
happen at a convention!

Are you attending the Amazing Arizona Comic Con? What are you looking forward to?

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