Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D returned back to TV yesterday and while gathering my thoughts on all that has happened and all that is going to happen, I thought this was the time I have been waiting for. I wanted to share when I was an Agent of SHIELD, when I visited the Marvel Experience early this year. The Marvel Experience was in the area of my classified base and knew I had to go with my new love for superheroes. 

I could not miss out on this, it was the first time it was going to be in town and wanted to see if it lived up to the hype it was getting at the time. When I first got there the set up was nice with the freight containers with the SHIELD logo on them, all you can see behind it was the big white domes that I knew was filled with MARVELous goods.
Outside they had all the trailers, stacked up for the
entrance, the ones down below had some of the Superhero logos.  Beyond the trailers you could see the massive
white domes where all the action was happening. Once they scanned my ticket I was given a super power band, that would store my training tasks and be able to proceed to the next mission.
While standing in line awaiting to enter, there were
superhero banners featuring those on the tour such as Black Widow, Captain
America, Wolverine, She Hulk and more. There was a special message by Nick Fury
along with Iron Man on what was to come. My photo was taken, as I entered through the spinning doors, the mission began.


Upon entering, there were Classified Files, that you could look
through, databases with the Superhero Origin Files, props from Heroes and
Villians, and information about the Adaptoids.  In the center of the training dome was the
SHIELD logo, and every few minutes the heroes would come on the screen with words of encouragement for the new recruits.

There were a few lines for some of the training stations such as Learning how to fly with Tony Stark, Black Widows agility maze, Hulk Buster, Spider Man Climbing Wall and Encounter with the Avengers.
The line I chose to stand in for 40 plus minutes was the Halo Shooter, the guns were customized to the powers of the superhero you chose. Black Widow was a sting from her widow bites, Spider Man and his webs etc, of course I chose Black Widow.

Once I was done with the training assignments it was on
to the next mission, I dropped of my super power band and received a Marvel
Experience wristband. The wrist band came with logos of the superheroes to insert along the band, that
is if you make it out alive.  Stark
Industries provided the nice eye wear as the missions
continues in another interactive dome.

Captain America, Vision, Black Widow, She-Hulk were right there above me, some parts I found myself standing next to them, for a moment I was right next to Wolverine that was a surprise. As we were going through the army
of Adaptoids, Red Skull, Madam Hydra and MODOK came into play not for long though as the heroes were there to save the day. After fighting off the Adaptoids we moved into the transport hangar awaiting for the
shuttle to arrive, we were in the the last battle with Red Skull and his Adaptoids. The doors Jam but fear not the Hulk was there to save the day with all his muscles. 

The 4d motion ride was pretty impressive, the seats were
comfy and it was hard to picture it was all completely mobile and in a dome for
that matter. The final battle begins with Hydra and all the Superheroes. I will
not give away how it all comes to play and who rises to victory but I am pretty
sure we all know. After leaving the transport hanger your have completed your
training and have some encouraging words from Stan Lee himself.

When the mission is complete you get the superhero logos for your bracelet and after a good mission should ensue shopping!

I bought a Captain America pin, a pack of the superhero logos that included Black
Widow, Iron Man, Thor. The free pack they gave away when turning in the super power band included the SHIELD and HYDRA logo. 

The Marvel Experience also brought out some characters that do not get as much spotlight time as the others. It was fun to see them in action and listen to there origin files. Such as The Vision and She-Hulk which due to the Experience I am enjoying doing some background research on her and is becoming one of my favorites.

This Marvel Experience was a way that I had started off the new year (yes it was back in January) but it was worth the money. The ticket was $37.00 since I bought it online
$10.00 for Parking and $7.00 for my Captain America pin and pack of logos for
the bracelet. I went by myself because I really wanted to go, and all my other
partners in crime were MIA for the time being or assigned to other missions and had no kids to rent take with me at the time.

The experience seemed great for all ages, I would say not to
young, I think the age 6 plus was the magic age there, but even the Adults can
act like a kid for a few hours. I did not know what to expect yet at the same time I expected a little bit more. Once you were done with all the time in the training center, the rest of the experience seemed to fly by in what seemes like 10 minutes. Which is why there are fewer pictures after the training center. The 4d Motion ride was fun, and was impressed by the fact that everything there was mobile, but I thought it would be a little longer. The recruit spends all that time training for a battle that seems to last for so little time. 

Overall it was a great adventure and I have fun saying I went to the Marvel Experience, there are some areas they could improve upon, but they made up for it in being my first superhero kind of adventure of the year.

Until next time…
Watchtower Over and Out.