About Me

29 year old kid who missed her trip to never land but has gotten good at adulting! My space is mostly filled with action figures and tons of fandom merchandise I really don’t need with space I don’t have. Decided 3 something years ago to start a blog and write about my so called life adventures as I can only tell so many people in real life about it so many times before they get annoyed. I wanted a space to share things I love with people who love it just as much as I do!

The Day Job?

Law Enforcement although most details are classified, I have been in it for a while and that was after I was serving up pricey coffee at Starbucks. I am currently a 911 Dispatcher almost like Halle Berry in the movie “The Call” but I take more than one call for a 2 hr period. I am the one on the other line when someone yells call 911 no matter what it is for. All them action movies, thrillers, tv episodes with the person yelling call 911, I always think now of how I would word what they tell me. Hello 911 and Angel burned out someone’s eyes and a puff of black smoke left the person that did it (Supernatural TV reference there). Before becoming a dispatcher I worked in the jail, not necessarily an Arkham Asylum but just opening doors and watching cameras.

Tribute to Dad

Star Trek has always been apart of my life due to being Dad’s favorite along with Stargate, those out of the stars have been in the household ever since I can remember. Mom & Dad always enjoyed the shows & geeking out over stuff, even to this day we try to find time to watch some together. Star Wars included although Dad mostly leaned toward the others. More so recently in 2009 when the JJ Abrams Star Trek came out we bonded over Star Trek even more, blown away by the new movie we rented all the seasons of Star Trek the Original Series and watched every episode. If there was a Starfleet Academy I would join tomorrow and he would be proud!

From the things in common with Dad it morphed into everything I am today, loving celebrities (some no so much lately) loving movies older and newer, and the entertainment industry in general.

Comic Con Virginity

The First and only Comic Con I went to for a while was San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) my first when I used to live in San Diego CA. 2006 was the year I lost my comic con virginity and was the best year ever! Volunteered all 4 days and met an awesome couple over the TV Show Stargate we both loved and are friends to this day. Since then I was entered into a world that will always be part of my life and hard to get out of. Ever since then minus a couple of years or so I have been and wasn’t until 2014 I expanded my horizons on Comic Cons. It has been a love hate relationship with SDCC ever since then but we always manage to find each other for that one week in July.

Superhero fan long time!

Not really, when I first started going to SDCC in 2006 I went for the movies Stargate, Sci Fi and free swag (so much easier to get back then) It wasn’t until about 2012 I became interested in Comic Books and Superheroes and 2014 the Art! Basically every time I go to a convention it always seems new as I find new interest throughout the year while still loving all that I do. It was the first time in 2015 I finally went to the Artists Alley at SDCC (What’s left of it) and definitely enjoy it at smaller conventions I attend.

This Website

I created to share things I love with people who love it just as much, I am going on my 4th year with this site now and hope it keeps chugging along, if it so happens to bring opportunities my way fantastic! I am going to talk about things I love and now so with everything in the entertainment industry coming about there are so many topics that can be discussed and it can all be related to entertainment industry.

There is so much more I can type here, my side gigs I have had, fundraising I used to do, how I got in to the Supernatural Family, when I became interested in mental health awareness, my first and only time officially cosplaying and so much more! But I will leave it at that, if you have any questions or want to know more don’t hesitate and feel free to get in touch with me aka the Watchtower!