Jaz here thank you for visiting my Blog. I am in charge of the watchtower for Superheroes.XYZ I wanted to share my love of Superheroes and more with people who get just as excited as I do.
Thus www.Superheroes.xyz was born.

My Bio…
Here is a little insight as to why I created superheroes.xyz and enjoy the culture. My career for past 7 years has been in Law Enforcement where I live, I started working in the Jail and was promoted to 911 Senior Dispatcher. On a daily basis, I deal with situations that weigh on anyone’s physique, so I enjoy this past time to reboot “a geek term”. I enjoy helping people and work with an organization such as Air, in addition, I also help people with their social media as well.

Grew up …
Watching Growing Pains, Saved by the Bell, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers [the best] The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movies [was one for Halloween when I was a kid]. I Love Star Trek, Superheroes, San Diego Comic Con, Sci-FI. All things movies and music, slowly getting into the comic book side of things. I recently got into the superheroes a couple years ago, and it is all still exciting for me learning about new heroes, hearing about their story lines in comic books, watching the movies and getting to know everything, a couple years before superheroes I got into the Disney Princesses as well a little late, so superhero, princess, sci-fi, comedy loving kind of girl so I can always find something to keep me entertained

The Conventions…

San Diego Comic Con Since 2006, made my I believe 9th year in 2016
Phoenix Comicon Since 2014
Phoenix Comicon Sister show FanFest 2014
Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2015
Tucson Comic Con first year in 2015
I have many more shows on my to go list, and can’t wait to attend them!

My Dad

I owe a great deal of my current loving of all things geeky to my Dad, I was always into movies, celebrities and the world of entertainment. But he is the one that showed me a whole different side of it, one that I really enjoyed and wish can happen every day. He watched Stargate SG-1 and I slowly started watching episodes here and there, he has always been a big fan of Star Trek and always tells me stories of when he used to watch it as a kid. Then together we started  watching the Stargate episodes and there new seasons/series, I watched Star Wars and was one of the Star Wars over Star Trek kind of girl. In 2009 I waited patiently to see the new Star Trek Movie that came out by J.J. Abrams he was blown away how great the characters portrayed the originals and thus began a netflix marathon of Star Trek the Original Series, and I was hooked. Star Trek is one of my favorite now especially the Original Series if there was a Starfleet Academy I would join tomorrow.


Dad has not really been to a convention, and that was one of the things I have liked sharing with him, and we always talk about and been something I have come to love on my own because it celebrates all that we like, I had originally started going to the San Diego Convention because our shows like Stargate were there and I wanted to meet everyone with Pictures and Autographs. I got to take Dad to his first official Comic Convention; the Phoenix Comicon, we went on preview night Thursday and it was so great to take my Dad to something and show him what I have grown to love.

Items of Interest [IOI]
Picture Taking

Star Trek


Star Wars


Comic Cons

Movie Posters/Items

Renaissance Fair
Frozen [Olaf]
Volunteering [Comic Cons]

New Developments

Comic Books

Art Work

DC Comics

Comic Book Shops


Have you dressed up before? Yes I have only Cosplayed once and my character of choice was Batgirl Barbara Gordon in 2012 to the San Diego Comic Con I would love to do it again someday.

First Convention attended? San Diego Comic Con 2006 Volunteered all  4 days and it was the best.

How many conventions have you been to? What are some on your To Go list? I made my 7th year attending the San Diego Comic Con in 2014, started attending in 2006 and Phoenix Comicon  for the first time in 2014. Fan Fest 2014 their first winter show put on by the Phoenix Comicon. I would like to go to, the Wonder Con, New York Comic Con, The D23 Expo and many more cons.

Marvel or DC? I love both! But for some reason I lean more towards Marvel Characters, I may have been persuaded by a lot of the movies overtime. But still love some DC characters.

What are some of your favorites? Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Trek, Marvel Supeheroes, The Hunger Games, Dystopian Novels. Going to the movies.