This time next week we will be in full swing of San Diego Comic Con, recently I did an ABCs of SDCC letters A-J along with tips for each letter. It’s not to late to read up on any info for San Diego Comic Con so you can be prepared for big show. Here is ABCs of SDCC Part 2 with letters K-Z along with more tips. Whether you are new to the San Diego Comic Con scene or a veteran attendee just wanting to see if there is any new information circulating the cybersphere just remember the alphabet.

K  Keep 

Keep Informed News is coming out from all ends of all the cybersphere make sure you keep informed at least on the basics of what you really want to see while at comic con. There will be news of exclusives, events, signing, giveaways, offsites, booth information, autographs, you name it and it will be mentioned. There are other letters that would come in hand for this such as Blogs/Social/Twitter

**Tip there are some good sites with great information out there so have one or two that you will keep checking back on right up to the show. For all the “official” information you can take a look at the San Diego Comic Con Site.

Keep Calm Yes, this is one of the biggest shows out there, it is constantly evolving, people try for years to get in, try to get the golden ticket. All the things happening in such a short period of time can make your head spin. Just remember to keep calm and relax, chillaxe, take a breath whatever you do don’t use code green (Hulk Reference) If the seat is taken there is another one, if the line is taking forever to move, talk to someone, if you missed the giveaway time there will be another one.

**Tip Just remember the keep calm mantra when you feel like everything is chaos SDCC is organized chaos but the best kind. You are somewhere, where hundreds of people would not mind switching places with you and you were the lucky one that scored a ticket. 

L Lines
Lines You will be spending a great deal of time in lines. There have been times I walk up to people
and ask what is this line for and they have no idea. I have no time to waste at
SDCC standing in a line that I have no idea what it is for is something I can pass on. Could it be for
something awesome? Maybe, could it have been something you could have went without, probably. Look on twitter but don’t just stand in one to stand in one, there is so
much to see at SDCC and no time to waste!
**Tip: Always make sure you know what the line you are standing in is for. If you are standing in a line, for the coveted panel,
exclusive, or the awesome swag they are giving away make friends connect with
people, this goes back to the letter Engage and Connect be patient and have fun. 

M Mission/MTV2/Money/Memories/Meet
Mission Ask yourself not what comic con can do for you but what you can do with comic con. What is your mission for this years SDCC? What do you hope to achieve, gain, learn. Comic Con is a great experience for something to happen and perhaps something that could be life changing. Here is what My Mission is for this years comic con that was inspired by a fellow blogger, the one hosting the G is Game of Bloggers meet up.

**Tip: Take time to think about what it is you want to do this year, does not have to be anything drastic especially if you are new to the SDCC scene but something you would like to say mission accomplished to and those that have been attending for awhile now, what is a mission you can continue to grow on?

Money this is
important during the convention however you can have just as good as a time
without it. Well a lot of it at least. I recently wrote a post Keep Calm and Save, there are ways you can save all year, or need that last push before comic
con, and tips on how to maximize the hard earned money.

**Tip: If you want to maximize your dollar while you are
there or at least pace yourself in spending it all at once. Set a daily budget
for yourself such as $50.00 for Friday and so on. Then depending what you have
left for the days you did not spend as much go crazy! It only happens once a
year and you save that money specifically for this event.  

First MTV2 Party in the Park 2013

MTV MTV2 Party in the Park, is what this event was called in 2013, its first year in San Diego at Petco Park. 2014 was the first year they did the MTV Fandom Awards with special awards going out to fandoms of all kinds, special guest stars and a performance by Linkin Park. I caught the last end of it and it was insane. This year they are ready to rock again known as the MTV Fandom Fest this event is open to all SDCC badge holders for Thursday.
**Tip: If you do plan on attending this event Thursday make sure you get there early, or find a friend that will stand in line for you. Due to the popularity of this event it is only open to SDCC badge holders so make sure you have your Thursday Badge. 

Memories, this is
the first year that I am going with a friend although I am excited I am nervous
as well. For the past years I have always flown solo and have been on my own
meeting people hear and there, but this is a great time to make memories. Take
the pictures, go to the events, and enjoy being at one of the biggest vents of
the year with people you care about, love and cherish. Things don’t last
forever so make it count. Where else would you get a picture with Olaf and Deadpool together
**Tip: Take Pictures, take on
experiences, do something you have not done before, this is the time to make
memories that will last you through the con depression and for a lifetime. SDCC
is full of these moments so make the best of them

Meet ups. During
SDCC there are many meet ups, fan parties of shows such as Agents of Shield
Agent Carter, Blogger meet up like letter G for the Game Of Bloggers, Cosplay
photo shoots, with fans of Disney, Marvel, DC and more. 

**Tip: Go to something if you want to meet even more fans of
something you like. Be sure to check everything out before hand and
if they are paid events and follow the website or twitters of the events so you
can get up to date info for the event or any changes.
N Nerd HQ

Nerd HQ Discovering Nerd HQ in 2013 was one of the best things that happen that year. I had heard about the panels,
the fan party and best of yet the Serenity Screening they had at Petco Park
with Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk introducing the Movie and hanging out till
after the showing. Nerd HQ is the brain
Child of Chuck actor Zachary Levi. This Event is free, you do not need a SDCC
Badge to get in, and if you did not get an SDCC Badge this is a great
experience. The Conversations for a Cause panels and the Smiles for Smiles
panels are the only things you have to pay for really and its affordable $22
for panels and $20 for smiles (pictures with celebrities) You would be multi
tasking with this as all funds go to the charity Operation Smile. This year it
will be at the new Children’s Museum.

**Tip:  Be sure to
follow Nerd Machine and Zachary Levi on Twitter as surprises will show up such
as last minute panels and celebrities that decide to show some Nerd HQ Love.
O Official/Offsites
Official San
Diego Comic Con has an official status. They offer official t shirts, have
an official website that was previous mentioned in C for Comic Con site. For
more official information visit there site and pick up an official SDCC t shirt
before they are all gone. I am thinking about getting the one with The Flash.

*Tip As the time to pre order has closed, if you are at all planning on trying to get one of these make sure its the first thing you do as some designs do not last very long before they sell out. That way you can scratch it off your to do list and not miss out on some cool designs.

Offsites SDCC 2013/2014
Offsite This has become one of the best parts at SDCC, I always tell people if you don’t actually have badges you should still go! Aside from the galleries, offsite pop up shops, there are interactive activities such as the Assassin’s Creed Obstacle Course, the Vikings Experience, Game of Thrones Experience, the Petco Interactive zone, last year they even had zip lining through Gotham City. The San Diego Central library was a hit last year for some events and has become a new spot for the SDCC convention center campus.

*Tip: Be sure to spend some time outside, walk around and see all there is to offer with these off sites, some give out free swag, and some have experiences that you will be able to say “only at Comic Con” There are some but not all off site events require an SDCC badge.
P Petco Park/
Patience/ Preview Night/Parking/Panels/Program Guide/Photos/Power
Petco Park is home to the Padres of the Major Baseball League and is located downtown across from the convention center. This has
been home to numerous offsite events during comic con, last year it was the home Nerd
the MTV2 Party In the Park/Fandom Awards. This year it will be home of MTV Fandom Fest, Zombies, with the Walking Dead Escape and the Walker Stalker Fan Fest.
**Tip: If there is something else that you would want to try if the events are not really your thing, they have a Petco Interactive Zone with numerous other activities, interactions, food trucks and things to see right next to the ball park.
Patience be sure
to bring plenty of it there will be something of 130,000 people and that is not
including all the ones outside everyone will try to be getting somewhere. This
is one of the biggest shows of the years and will have quirks that need to be
done, last minute changes and anything could happen.
**Tip: Just remember that everyone there is there to have
fun and a good time, with things that may come up the people of SDCC, the
volunteers and all those that are there to make sure things run smoothly are
just like you and me (just with a lot more pressure to get something done)

Preview Night This is Wednesday night the beginning of it all, the first time I went was 2006 and not again till 2014 with the luck of volunteers being able to attend preview night. We get to do it again but it looks like this will be the last year for volunteers to be eligible for preview night. Last year at preview night was the most “swag” I was able to get in awhile like all the TV Collector issues from the Warner Brothers booth, I have never been able to get the whole collection.

**Tip:  If attending preview night, this would be the night to get picture taking done there will not be as many people but would be a little better. Get some of the swag like the Warner Brothers booth, get the exclusives on your to get list, as well as enjoy this will be home away from home for the weekend.

Parking I wish I
had something more then I don’t use parking to type here but I don’t. I try to
avoid parking let alone driving my car anywhere downtown during SDCC. I have
always been dropped off or have taken public transportation. Which I highly
recommend. If you do take on the parking beast I bow to you as you are brave. 
**Tip if you do utilize the parking near the convention
center, throughout the day you can go and drop of your things so your hands
will be free and wont get tired so fast.  There are public places that you can park and
take the trolley or another mode of transportation in.

Panels Comic Con offers a great variety of panels everything from Hollywood movie panels, how to, spotlights, panels of your favorite TV shows with the actors. Some of these panels have Q&A Sessions, some give out swag, some give tickets to go pick up free swag, and some offer surprises that you would not be able to see anywhere else and be able to say only at San Diego Comic Con.

**Tip: Some of these panels require much effort to get into and some of these can offer some some life changing advice, career changes, insight and just pure fun. Take time to at least check out one or two of them and see if it would be something you would like. 

Program Guide This will become one of your best friends over the course SDCC if you have a lot of things planned this would be something to have handy with you. It has everything, from the special guests, panels, autographs, maps and where all things are located within the convention center.

**Tip: At the beginning of each day and throughout they will have any last minute changes posted around the convention center and at the entry ways to the exhibit hall.

Photos Along with the letter I for Instagram taking photos is one of the best things to do at comic con. I love taking photos, whether its a quick snapshot of a celebrity, an awesome cosplay or a display that looks like.

**Tip: Sharing is caring, if you take an awesome picture don’t be afraid to share it, Instagram is the best platform I believe to share photos especially ones with those having a geektastic time.

Power Your phone will be using battery power like crazy, even when not using it, the battery power will manage to slip away. With all the social media posting, using the phones, for texting, picture taking this will surely deplete the power even faster. 
**Tip: If you do not want to worry about your phone dying off make sure to bring extra power with you, such as an external battery supply or your phone charger although finding somewhere to plug in would be a different mission on its own. Wear a watch to avoid always checking the time on your phone as every time you click on your phone you are using battery power. For more tips on how to “Prep your Phone” Check out more handy tips from Crazy 4 Comic Con

Q ??/??/??

Quick think of something for Q I would refer to the letter Z for Zen

R Research/Regret/Re-Entry
Research you can
always do some research before you go whether its your first time, 8th
time or 100th time there is always something new at comic con every
year and it only continues to grow. How they do the badges, how to get in next
year, how they manage the lines.
**Tip: if you see some important information that you want
to remember save it in your favorites, bookmark the site, or write it down and
where you got it for future reference.
Regret After the
convention is all said and done there will be some, well I should have done this
or that. My biggest regret is saying no to an Avatar Autograph ticket someone
asked me if I wanted it and I said no. At the time and the poster they had I
did not know who was really going to be in it and one of my favorite directors
who did one of my favorite movies (I like the actual story of the ship) and
become one of the biggest movies of all time. Biggest regret of my so called
life and lesson 
learned: never say no at SDCC..well to an extent.
**Tip: If you are offered something and think  you wouldn’t want it just say yes, maybe you will
come across another attendee that would like it and willing to trade with you,
or a friend back home that would make there year if you go it from them and who
knows you can become a fan of whatever it is to because of that experience.
Re-Entry Panel
rooms often have a re-entry pass when you leave during a panel, they do not
clear out the rooms in between panels. If you need to step out for a minute be
sure you get the pass and return before that panel is over or you risk the
chance of not be let back in and all hopes are lost, just kidding but make it
back before that panel is over.
**Tip: Even if you don’t plan on coming back for the panel
get a pass just in case, they change colors and what is on them so you can not
use them multiple times. 
S Swag/Schedule/Sails
Pavilion/ Souvenir Book/ Social/ Shower
Schedule Has been released on the official comic con website.  They will have all the panels listed the autograph schedule listed. You can start planning you schedule and mark out all that you would like to see.

**Tip: Goes back to the letter B of Battle Plans. Have one, a back up and then a back up of the first back up. If you do not get into the big panels that you plan on some of the small ones are great to and there is always something else to see at SDCC.

Swag the swag at
this convention has become some what limited to what it used to be back in my
early years of 2006-08 the swag has changed. Now days they are more exclusive
and stand in line to get. They are harder to come by but well worth it. Like
the Hunger Game Mockingjay pin, Star Trek Tribble Stark Industries access card
and so on. Other type of swag is the
giveaways like the Lego mini figures and those are usually ticketed items. I
never go for those but think this year I might after releasing an Arsenal from
Arrow Mini Fig.

**Tip: Keep your eyes open, most booths have times they will
be handing out swag, and be sure to ask before you just take anything. If you
see something you like don’t be afraid to ask where they got it from help each
other out.
Sails Pavilion this area is upstairs of the convention center, Autograph Alley,
seating, registration, art show, and where you can see some great cosplays and get some
good pictures.

**Tip: If you don’t have anything planned for the Sail Pavilion, be sure to at least go up there once or twice, there are great cosplays, and access to beautiful scenery that San Diego has to offer, as well as stairs down to Seaport Village behind the convention center. 

Souvenir Book I wish all the times I had gone I would have
cherished the souvenir book like I do know, I only have a couple of the books
since I started going in 2006. Now I make sure I bring a few of them home now
and for family and friends last year I got a whole box. These books are filled
with anniversary specials and commemorative art last year was the anniversaries of
Marvel, Daredevil  and Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles.
**Tip: If you want more then one and go to the sails
pavilion where you checked in, on Sunday you can ask if you can get some
more,  last time I got a whole box.
Carrying the box around and on public transportation is a different story. If
all else keep it and give it to someone who would want it that was unable to
attend SDCC.
Social Media can be your best friend during SDCC, with the
ability to connect, with fans, actors, artists, friends you are able to find
out information you probably would have not heard about otherwise. There are
many platforms to do so such as I for Instagram if you are a picture taker and
the next letter T for Twitter. 
**Tip: When using
social media sites be sure to use hashtags # if you want other people to see
what you are posting, by doing this it organizes news feed, and you can see
what other users are talking about of said topic.

Sanitizer that thing you touched, at least 1,000 other people touched it, sanitize! Always have a little bottle with you.

**Tip: Sanitizer comes in all shapes and sizes, the best one are the little ones that you can hook on your bags.

Shower did not want to but seems like it is a must just in case, this also goes along with D for Deodorant. Be sure to shower, even though with all the hustle bustle find time to take a shower and some fresh clothes.

**Tip this is a must and you will feel a lot better especially with the weather that San Diego has to offer. You will feel better. 

T Toucan Blog/Twitter/Transportation

Toucan Blog this is the official blog of SDCC they have daily tips, rule changes, panel room info, technological tips and things that can make your experience all the better. If you want quick tid bits from the comic con people themselves be sure to check it out.
**Tip: If you want to play catch up they have been releasing daily tips with things that have changed this year, the comic con campus, and official events going on at SDCC

Follow Superheroes.XYZ on Twitter

Twitter @Superheroesxyz
that is what you call a user handle. Twitter has become one of the most effective
tools during SDCC and has somewhat changed the name of the game with people
using it. Those with special events, roaming on the exhibitor floor, they can
tweet out last minute info or info that people might be interested in like a
celebrity spotting, photo op and so on.

**Tip: The users that you really want to follow and make
sure that you receive the tweets they put out you can set your phone to receive
there notifications. Every know and then check the SDCC hashtag to see if there
is anything else that is going on you might be interested in.

Transportation Driving a car downtown is an act of madness
to me and requires a lot of patience. Luckily there are plenty of ways to get
downtown other then taking your own vehicle. There are things such as the
Trolley, Coronado Ferry, bikes, trams, free shuttle service provided by SDCC,
buses. Numerous ways, if you are a trooper and drive your own car then I give
you props if you have friends that are driving try to carpool when you can.
**Tip: See what days you are going and what mode of
transportation you want to use, the ones you select make sure you know when
they start and when they stop so you can plan accordingly, keep the info on
your phone or whatever piece of technology you use, or store the information
somewhere where you can not loose it.
U – Quick think of something for U
V Volunteers/
Volunteers make the convention happen. This has
been my pass to get in for the past few years, there were a couple years that I
bought a pass and volunteered. Being a volunteer has its perks, this is one of
the numerous ways to get in all you have to do is dedicate your time three to
four hours and you have a pass to one of the biggest conventions of the year.
After you do a shift you get a commemorative t shirt and the feeling of being
awesome and productive.
**Tip: Decide when
you want to volunteer, early and then have the rest of the day to play or play
first and volunteer later. Make sure you schedule it around whatever it is you
plan on doing. They say the more you volunteer the better jobs you get such as
going from line managing and upgrade to panel giveaways.
Venture Venture out of the Convention Center I had a real
bad habit of staying on the exhibitor floor all day everyday and never coming
up for air so to speak in my early years of attending. Later after the convention was over I would be reading about all the things that were going
on in other parts of the convention center outside. Now I have been making more
of an effort to go outside enjoy the scenery and see what outside the
**Tip: Venture out if you have been there 3 times and never
been to the sales pavilion go, or been there 5 times and see they are taking
appointments for the blood drive do it, this is the time to venture out and see
what SDCC has to offer.
W Walking/WB Bags/Waiting/Wear
Walking This would go along with C for Comfy Shoes and F for Feet. Take care of them and you will be better off. Walking is what you will be doing most of the time you are at SDCC. Take care of yourself. Don’t run just as I like to call it walk with a purpose.

**Tip Take care of yourself, try to go in the same way most of the traffic is going, if you are trying to go against the traffic, it will take you a lot longer to get to where you are going. If you have to get somewhere in a hurried pace take the outer areas especially on the convention floor. 

Bags I scored last year 2014

Warner Brother’s Big Bags These have been a staple of SDCC now, before in the early years you
had to race down to the booth to get one or be lucky enough to pass the booth
when they decided to give them out. Now days you get one when you check in, it
went from one to two designs and now there is 14 Warner Brothers
properties represented. If you are lucky enough to get more then one awesome we should
become friends but usually its just one when you check in. At this point the bags for 2016 have yet to be released, here are the options from last year

**Tip: When you get your bag keep it, if you don’t like the
design or want another one use Twitter or Social Media to ask if any one wants
to trade they may be sad with there bag but yours would make there day and vice
versa. Don’t be afraid to ask I did it last year, feel free to utilize social media and I will send it out as well. 

Waiting Aside from walking you will be doing a whole lot of this during your time at SDCC as well. Waiting in lines, waiting for food, waiting to get into events, waiting for giveaways, waiting for panels. The sooner you appreciate the waiting time the happier your time at the convention would be.

**Tip: With all the waiting this is a great time to Connect Engage, they are all waiting for the same thing you are, take time to make some new friends and nerdy connections. This will make the time go by faster and make the task of waiting for awesome-ness less….annoying. 

Wear Your comic con badge everywhere there are establishments and places to eat that will give special discounts to those with the badges. This will help you maximize you hard earned money that you have saved for all year, and can spend on more things to buy while at comic con

**Tip  Always have you badge facing forward and visible, especially in the convention center. This will make it easier for the security staff and you as well to get from point a to b quicker without staff having to stop you to turn it around.

Y You 
You are the one that is control of your destiny of happiness, what you do, who you see and how to make this year at SDCC awesome. You have worked hard to attend this event, the anxiety, stress, joy, happiness, prep, scheduling time off, saving, planning you name it you have done it to make it to comic con. Be sure to enjoy yourself.

**Tip: Just be you, your vibe will attract your tribe which will be even easier considering where you will be!

X ??/??/??

X Factor Who ever has anything for the letter X on these things? The only thing I could think of was X Factor there will be a few X Factors in your planning and your overall experience at comic con make sure you have backup plans of your battle plans.

**Tip: Always be prepared for something totally random to come up that will alter all of your plans!


Zen There will be times that you find yourself needed to get away from it all, and sometimes it is for the best. Getting away from it all is well worth it, taking the time to recharge, and have a quiet moment to yourself.  There are areas around the convention center that you can find, or if you have to leave it completely. San Diego has so much to offer, although one of the best things is San Diego Comic Con, there are great sites, places to visit, and natural beauty to take in.

**Tip: Enjoy yourself there is plenty to see in San Diego, if you have always been there try something new, if this is your first time, make sure you take in the beauty of San Diego as well.

There is the second half of ABCs of SDCC I hope at least one letter has helped and will be part of you having a great time at this year’s comic con and the many more I hope you get to attend as well. If any of these letters and tips have helped you feel free to share, and in case you missed it here are letters A-J for the ABCs of SDCC

If you are going to San Diego Comic Con this year let me know and be sure to follow, Superheroes.XYZ on Instagram and Twitter. I would love to follow you as well and hear about the great time you are having at one of the best times of the year San Diego Comic Con.

Until next time…
Watchtower over and out.