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 ABC of San Diego Comic Con. Its so close and fast approaching us. Here is my ABCs of SDCC along with some tips, for all the newbies reading everything they can, to those that want to see yet another list of what to expect at SDCC. Its a bit wordy but hopefully helpful. Here is A-J and stay tuned for more letters in the very near future. 

A – Admission/Autographs/ Attractions/Anxiety/Artists

Admission Congratulations
if you have made it into this years convention, give yourself a pat on the
back, and a gold sticker. You have acquired a pass to a convention that
thousands wish to go to and is on a few bucket lists.  If you have not made it to SDCC one day I hope
you will and next year may the odds be ever in your favor.

**Tip: Print out Confirmation Barcodes before hand and put them in a safe place. Doubles just in case and have them with you and ready to go. If you are traveling put them in your suitcase after printing don’t forget them I also previous confirmations emails along with a valid photo ID.
Autographs back
in the day before SDCC became organized chaos autographs were a little easier
to come by, if you are willing to stand in the tremendously long lines for a
chance at a winning ticket then more power to you, I did that once and was not
to bad, I wasn’t not really sure which signing I was standing in line for but
where I was, it was to late to move and got to do some catching up with
friends. If you keep an eye out there are many signings on the
convention floor as well, booths giving out tickets or wristbands, I have yet
to be lucky enough to snag one. However other fans is a great way!

**Tip: Keep your eyes open there will be autograph signing at numerous places around the convention, also fellow fans may not be able to attend something and see you are one to and thus becoming your lucky day; its happened to me. 

Attractions there
is so much to see through the comic con weekend and not just at the convention
center, galleries, shops, parks, you name it there is something to see whether
it be the Petco Park interactive zone, art galleries with special themes such
as TMNT or Marvel vs DC keep your eyes open do research see what is going on in
the area.

**Tip: the San Diego Central Library is hosting the Art of Comic Con throughout the convention as well as some other special showings during this time. Even Conan Obrian. 

@Rhicks from Little Vampires
Artists This is
one of the new things I have discovered at comic conventions is the Art aspect
of everything. Recently getting into it and first time exploring the Artist’s Alley
due to a Volunteer shift in 2013 I love it and it’s all so new. This year there
are some artists that I am looking forward to and some that will be doing
special contests through social media such as Todd Nauck, or and those I can’t
to see like Rebecca Hicks from Little Vampires.

**Tip: if you see a piece of art, buy it, I usually wait till Sunday for most of my art shopping. Some may have discounts, if you like them get there card, become a fan and share them with others, Try something new, learn to enjoy a different type of art. 

Anxiety This is
one of the biggest convention out there, some anxiety of having an amazing
weekend will probably set in, especially if this is your first year. The
anxiety of thinking you are not going to see all SDCC has to offer, the large
crowds, lines, hangry people.  Well the
cure for that is keep calm and relax. You are there, and enjoy every moment it
has to offer, amazing opportunities, people, events, panels, art, swag this is
why the convention spans over 4 and a half days. Take it in with ease.

**Tip: Keep Calm and Chillaxe  

B- Ballroom 20/ Battle Plans/ Blogs
Blogs this was an
unlocked treasure about 2 years ago. I will be making my eighth and can’t
imagine what convention life would have been like with the help of blogs. Different point of views, different perspectives such as some people may have
more celebrity interactions then I, camping in Hall H line but reading about them is fun and the tips and tricks is good to know when the time comes. There are always ways, tips, tricks, and words of wisdom to maximize your opportunity to have a great comic con every year and ways to improve your skills improve your ninja comic con skills. The three I have followed for awhile now Megan The Nerdy Girlie and the inspiration of my latest post SDCC The Mission Tony at Crazy 4 Comic con. and the SDCC unofficial blog where there is much more new of all things SDCC.

**Tip: don’t overwhelm yourself with all the information especially of those new to the convention scene, take notes on some tips you think would really help your adventure at the convention and where you got it from if you want to reference back. 

Battle plans,
plan to make them and plan to do nothing you planned to do.
What I mean by that is take time to look at the programming,
by now, there is news starting to steadily flow about the convention, start
keeping an eye out and taking notes, so when the time gets closer you will know
what to be looking for this especially comes in handy with offsite events. When
the programming is released by SDCC it should be the icing on the cake and a
matter of final touches. better to have some sort of plan then no plan. I like to plan and at least highlight the things I would like to make more of an effort to see and if it happens it happens if not then I would be ok with it. Its SDCC anything is possible. I say better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it.

**Tip: Write out the days and times, panels, parties, autographs and all that the convention has to offer. Make the priority list, the backup list and a backup list of the first backup list.

BackPacks are
essential to the convention experience holding all your stuff, your valuables,
electronics and sometimes the means of purchasing items. I for one am not the
biggest fan of backpacks, on being they are easily accessible to people, when
you are walking crammed in a sea of people, someone can very easily go through
your bag without you even knowing it before its to late. (not saying that
someone would purposely do this ) but for me it’s a precaution. Then I usually
find it hard to access…in any given moment Nathan Fillion Jeremy Renner or scarlett
Johansson can be walking by and I am going to need the sharpie pronto, taking
the time to take off my backpack look for it would be seconds of a fail for a
quick signature and what not. My personal go to the messenger bag.  I have tried to use a backpack and even bought
a really cute on that was on sale, will this be the year, we shall see.

**Tip: the bag you choose will become your best friend, choose carefully. Easy access and comfortable to carry around. My favorite: A messenger bag, easy access, more secure. 

Ballroom 20- This is the other popular panel room that is a little smaller then the Hall H, It fills up just as fast and includes a lot of line waiting. If you are seeing a panel here such as The Big Bang Theory then plan to get there early as can be. I have not been in this Ballroom since 2008 I believe was the last year.

**Tip: Have Patience and have fun while in line.

C- Comfy Shoes/ Comic Books/ Cosplay/Connect/Comic Con Site
Comfy Shoes this
may seem like a pointless thing to think about with all that SDCC has to offer
when in reality it is probably one of the most important things of SDCC comfort
for your feet, your feet is what is getting you around the convention for the
most part, take care of them.This year I bought a
new pair of kicks for a convention this past May and will be putting them to
good use again. I will also be wearing my DC superhero converse as those must
make an appearance in the hustle and bustle of comic con. Flip flops is a no no due to the shuffling and
probably getting stepped on, unless you are trying to zen and giving your feet
a rest go for it. The shoes with the fancy comfort and arc support are recommended but we do not get along to well.

**Tip: Rotate shoes, if you have more then one pair you can wear do it. Rotate a couple pairs of tennis shoes throughout your time at the convention, closed toes recommended. If you buy a new pair of shoes make sure you break them in before comic con. New shoes being worn for the first time at a comic con is a no no. Take care of your feet and they will take care of you. 

Comic books, As I
have mentioned before I have recently gotten into comic books, this opened a
whole new world (like what I did there) of the comic con for me as I starting
going for my sci fi shows, movies and free stuff. I have story lines I would like to follow
and so many things to learn about comic books I look forward to the little
corner of comic books that is still available at SDCC. I have learned a lot
about comic books at another convention I have started going to in 2014 the Phoenix Comicon and have met creators that are legends in the comic book
world at a smaller Conventions such as George Perez who did a sketch for
me and a random guy that wanted a quick picture with George Lopez who later I
found out was the creator of Deadpoool!!

**Tip: If you have some story lines you are following it would be great to try and find previous editions or the next one at comic con better yet, you can find one and most likely have the chance to get it signed at SDCC. 

Some Cosplayers from SDCC 2014
Cosplay this is a show for the professional cosplayers to show some serious skills, but at the same time this is also a great opportunity for all cosplayers to show the world (literally) their skills. I only dressed up once, and got more pictures then I
thought I would, You can go all out with a costume or Everyday Cosplay and represent your favorite characters through everyday clothes and accessories. The cosplays at this convention are great and you are able to see cosplays at all levels, sometimes I even do some scavenger hunts.

**Tip: Take pictures with the cosplayers, I took a survey to see what cosplayers would prefer a pic of them or with them, make it memorable snap a pic with them, that way you would most likely look back at them. Be sure to be courteous and ask if you can take a pic with them. 

Connect- this
year will be all about connecting for me. The past 7 years I have connected
with a great couple I met in 2006 (my first convention) and a few other nerdy
friends here and there. I have not come close to what the power of
connecting really means. This year is what it will be all about, especially
since I have my Superheroes.XYZ site. This is an amazing place with people all
over the states, the world and anyone you talk to can lead to great things.

**Tip: Have some contact cards, business cards or something to give out your contact info quickly. Anything can happen at SDCC, be ready and be ready to connect! 

Comic Con Site- I am hoping at least one thing on here is somewhat helpful to all those that have taken the time to read it so far. The official Comic Con website has informative things as well such as convention hours, special guests, programming, hours of the convention and autographs schedules.

*Tip: This is the site that will have the programs and autograph schedule starting this Thursday. All Programming for Thursday will be released, then Friday will be all of Friday’s programming and so on. So the days you are going, check it out the day of multiple days pace yourself so you do not get overwhelmed. 

D- Displays/Discounts/DC Comics/Deodorant/
Displays  Companies spend a lot of time and money for
the displays for SDCC even though it is only a 5 day event it can have an
everlasting effect through the whole year. If the display is picture worthy
especially with today’s society of Instagram people will remember it.  They will remember it and make sure to check
it out whether it be at TV show movie or whatever the project maybe.

**Tip Take a pic of the displays you like, or if not to busy a pic with you in it, to add to your wall of SDCC memories and share them. 

Discounts they
are sprinkled throughout the convention and throughout downtown. One of the
benefits of harnessing the power of your badge is it can get you discounts at
local venues, restaurants, and even some free things that are amazing to attend
like the Her Universe Fashion Show and the MTV2 Fandom Party at Petco Park. On
Sunday is the day I like to do my shopping and some booths with merchandise and
or artists will have specials, or end of convention sales, be sure to keep an
eye out. In the end those X% off add up.

**Tip: Keep your eyes open. There are discounts everywhere, and things that you can get into with your SDCC badge, Also there are free events such as Nerd HQ

DC Comics- DC Comics seems like it will have all the glory this year with offsite events that include the new movie Suicide Squad and the celebration of Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary.

Deodorant I was
originally not going to put this as it is common knowledge but there are still
some in the geek-verse that need to learn about it and use it.

**Tip: Take or buy a couple in case for some odd reason one is misplaced you will not take the chance of leaving the shire without it. You will do a great service to the geek community. 

E- Engage/Exclusives/Events/Exhibits
Engage when you
are standing in a line remember you already have two things in common. Number
one you are at one of the biggest events of the year, and you enjoy whatever it
is you are standing in line for. I have been trying to
get better at this as I am usually not the first one to engage upon being shy
(working on that as well)

**Tip: Talk! Ask them there favorite episode, there favorite character and don’t forget the letter C connect. 

Batman Exhibit for the 75 years at DC Booth 2014

Exclusives this
is a popular thing at SDCC exclusive figures, comic books covers, chair covers, sets, Funko figures, you name it there is probably an exclusive at the convention. I have never really been into getting the exclusives, although I always have a list just in case.
I am sure one day I will jump on them, especially since they keep getting
better year after year.

**Tip: Do some research before hand and make a wishlist of the items that would like to get, the price, and where they will be. This way you have an idea of where to go and don’t waste any valuable time. 

Exhibits Throughout the week there are numerous places holding exhibits and some right on the floor of the convention center. Last year the DC booth, had an exhibit of all the Batman Movie franchise items, the cowls, capes, suits, and art capes and cowls done by art students all for the celebration of Batmans 75th.

**Tip: Take time to look at these, a numerous part of people are part of these projects and take the time to snap some pics and enjoy the arts that we are able to have today.

Events There are events everywhere during SDCC, parties, after parties, MTV Fandom Awards, Her Universe Fashion Show,screenings. There is so much, keep your eye out on social media as well, here is a great Calendar from a favorite site I browse.

*Tip: Keep an eye out and see which events you would like to attend if any, try something new, some are free some are paid. A day at the convention is like running a marathon and can wear on you throughout the day spend a few minutes to freshen up or even a change of shirt, and you will be ready to go for a few more hours. 

F- Fun/ Feet
Fun this is one
of the most wonderful times of the year. So have fun, this is a chance for you
to do things you would not normally get to do in “everyday” life s enjoy it,
spend the extra dollar, get the selfie with Olaf and Deadpool. Make friends
connect, Zipline through the city of Gotham, go to the fan party of your
favorite fandom Do it! Have fun,  This only happens once a
year and for now in the great city of San Diego. We work hard for this, stress
for this have anxiety over this all year long.

**Tip: Be sure to try new things, go for the experiences there are many things that go on during comic con that you would only be able to say you I did that at San Diego Comic Con. 

Feet  this would really go along with C for Comfy shoes
but take care of your feet! They are going to be the ones getting you where you
need to go at least 80% of the time, rest when you need to ladies in heels that a whole different story and all I can say is props
to you.

**Tip: Moleskin is something great to have handy just in case blisters decide to show up. Rest when your feet especially when they start bothering you. Happy Feet equals a Happy Day.  

Sparkle Hair Joy from Inside Out

Funko  Funko Pop Figures, they have a booth at
SDCC although I have never been into Funko’s at previous Comic Cons; January 2015 thanks to
a monthly subscription box is when my addiction collection began.
This year I will keep an eye out for exclusives or even see if I can get my
hands on one during SDCC. Here is a great site that has all the waves of the exclusives Funko will have this year.

**Tip: Make a list of the exclusives you want, this year they are limiting customers to one purchase of each figure they want. If I were able to get my hands on some it would either be Arrow or this Sparkle Hair Joy From Pixar’s Inside Out Movie. 
G- Gaslamp Quarter/ Game of Bloggers

Game of Bloggers A blogger meet up created by Tony Kim aka Crazy 4 Comic Con this is a meet
up for content creators and fans prepping for the weekend ahead. This awesome
gathering will be held on preview night Wednesday after the convention closes. For more information be sure to visit Crazy 4 Comic Cons Game of Bloggers Page complete with a list of all the fellow bloggers that will be there.

**Tip: This is the first but all I can think of is E-Engage C-Connect and F- Fun!

Gaslamp Quarter When I first started attending in 2006 this area was not what it was today. Today it is the unofficial extension of the convention center. TV networks set up shop and have experiences just as you would inside the convention center if not better. Last year 2014 NBC setup an area for their upcoming show Constantine, after watching the 2 minute trailer you received a reusable tote bag as a thank you. A preview of an upcoming show and free stuff yes please! Constantine was walking around or should I say numerous John Constantines, but then after circling back around saw the man Matt Ryan himself around the dome structure they had set up.

**Tip: Keep your eyes open! Celebrities, free swag (some of the best I received last year) costumes. Circle back and try to visit the area a few times during the comic con you never know what or who you will see. 

H Hall H/ Hangry
Hall H this is
the sought after destination of SDCC the camping out that started a few years
ago with the Twihards (Twiglight fans) the fireworks of Marvel, the DC glory
that was there last year and oh so much more. 
Last year was the first year I was able to just stroll in mid day and
got to see Matthew McConaughey and Christopher Nolan in one of their first
comic con appearances. Also got to see previews for Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles and The Rock, it was well worth it. This year Hall H will have some
things missing Marvel Sony and Paramount Pictures are opting out. This could
look like a bad thing for SDCC but that means there will be more glory for other studios and DC comics promoting all their properties along with the Batman
vs. Superman movie.

**Tip: If you are able to just stroll in Hall H Do it! just check it out you never know what surprises there will be. Some that camp out and spend hours in line are usually there for the day waiting for there panel as the Hall does not clear out after each panel. Have patience and one day you shall enter Hall H. If you are willing to pass on the lines it will always be on youtube later. Keep an eye out on the line.

Hangry being angry comes from a side effect of being hungry this causing hangry
if you have to carry around a snickers bar with you do so. It is no fun when people
are moody and irritated because they do not nourish themselves. I admit there
are times I am bad at this to who has time to eat at a place like SDCC?

**Tip: Remember to eat something! A Snickers, nuts, something that will keep you going till you have time to sit eat and enjoy. Nobody likes those that are hangry. I myself always wonder who has time to eat at comic con with all there is to see. 

I  Instagram
Instagram I fell in love with Instagram over the past year originally getting it for SDCC in 2013 but failing to use it due to technical difficulties, I will be using it this year. There are also artists that will be posting some special sneak peaks, exclusives, what they are working on and fellow Instagram-ers sharing their convention experience. Please join in on the fun of Instagram, I love taking pictures and Instagram gives me a way to instantly share them all. Be sure to follow Superheroes.XYZ on Instagram. 
**Tip: Be sure to hashtag photos so everyone can see them, and tag those that are in it so they will be able to see your photo right away and not get lost in the sea of pictures. You can participate in fun SDCC Photo Hunts like this one hosted by the Nerdy Girlie. This will be my first time participating.

J July
July Its almost here! The 9th-12th with all the action starting on the 20th for Preview Night. This is my second Christmas, it is in fact (to me) one of the most wonderful times of the year. All the emotions it brings, stress, fun, excitement, exhaustion, happiness, anxiety it only happens once a year, something to look forward to, save up for, enjoy yourself, meet people. All because of those varied dates in July. It may be hot, humid, and crazy but remember where you are.

**Tip: Have patience, have fun, it is Christmas in July. Remember there are thousands of people that wish they can be there or have yet to attend for the first time, so when the stormy cloud comes over you just think and be grateful you are at one of the biggest events of the year and there is always positives with negatives.

Stay tuned for more letters and be sure to follow on Instagram and Twitter Hope to see you at SDCC!

What are some of your ABCs of SDCC?

Until next time…
Watchtower over and out