Call 911, A phrase we here often in the movie world and sometimes in real life. Calling 911 can mean numerous things, worst day of one’s life, trying to save someone, keeping the peace or a cat in a tree you name it. There is someone at the other end of the line asking questions that need to be asked to get help to the other party as fast as they can. Sometimes it can mean life or death, the details, the timing the location and what is going on.

911 dispatcher

What is with the small 911 101? Well I wanted to share with you all my day job, I am a 911 Emergency Dispatcher. The name itself is self-explanatory, spending the days taking 911 emergency and non-emergency calls in the area I work in, as well as dispatching them out and relaying information from the officers on the field to where it needs to go. When I first got hired on all I could think about was the movie The Call starring Halle Berry, although I don’t recall having one of those cases yet, it was the first flick that came to mind about being in a call center. The job is 24/7 round the clock, holidays and weekends, comic con season, football season and everything in between. Thus being sometimes hard to request every other weekend off for a comic con or geeky adventures, but I have been pretty lucky lately and am holding on to it like crazy.

In taking this job, I was only more convinced that things happen for a reason, even the people we meet in our lives. (I will be sure to write more about that in the future), but my latest interest in Mental Health. I have always been a person people come to for an ear to listen, and have always been into psychology and what makes people tick. I also help out when I can, a mental health organization known as Attitudes In Reverse (AIR), educating young adults on good mental health and suicide prevention. I get calls with those that want to end their lives for reasons all across the board, at times the age gets younger and younger. It comforts me when I am on the phone with them knowing there are organizations like AIR and many other educational ones out there.


Having this job has magnified everything I love at least by 100 and I mean that in the best way possible. It has changed how I look at somethings, such as Supernatural episodes; when someone shouts call 911, I can only wonder what one would say, if they called saying someone’s eyes were burnt out by an angel, or a body that drop to the floor when a black trail of smoke leaves it. Although I must admit at times it’s comical. The things I already love like comic cons helps me vent for lack of better word and keeps me down to earth with everything else that goes on in my headquarters.

agents of shield

Some days I pretend I am an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D listening to emergency frequencies for super human sightings (as Daisy aka Skye mentions in an episode of the TV show) or Black Widow in the command center. My last day job before this (at the same area) I was actually known as Black Widow in our superhero crew we had. My job was opening doors and watching cameras, being an eye in the sky for my coworkers. I try to make the most of my job since it can be stressful at times, even when typing superfast I pretend I am in an action movie trying to save the building or hacking a system to prevent World War 3. I know it sounds super crazy and cheesy along with making one question how I got the job, but being able to incorporate my geeky life into my day job is a gift at times, especially after a long day at the desk.

I have been thinking about sharing what I do at the day job for quite a while now, I thought it would shine some light on things I share, sporadic times on Twitter ( I work the night shift) or why I have an increase in promoting Mental Health. It’s a job that I love, better yet it makes my parents proud! Especially my Dad who gets cheesy saying I am a real life superhero or an angel. I don’t think of myself that way at all, but at times there are people who are very appreciative on the other end of the phone when calling in, knowing someone is there to help and making parents proud is one of the best feelings!

P.S. If there is a cat in the tree call the Non Emergency line unless its a matter Life or Death. 99% of the time the cat eventually comes down.