I hope I am not the only who can’t believe it is already March! This year has gone by so fast and I find myself saying that more and more as I get older. This month is was the Birthday month, and I must say it’s a love hate relationship When it comes to my birthday. Most of the time I am so excited yet at the same time just want to get it over with. I haven’t always had the best of luck doing parties, or haven’t had the tribe yet that throws a big surprise party. But every year my parents make sure to get me a cake and sing, I receive birthday cards from a small amount of family and happy birthdays from people in my life.

Although sometimes I get bummed out I don’t have an amazing weekend planned with friends from all over, or big dates w/ adventures and so on and so on I bring myself down back to reality. I look at the smallest of things and become filled with gratitude, I really do try to flip the switch sometimes; this year was one where I am reminded of this process.

I entered my last year of my 20s, aside from the whole contemplating life of where I am at, where I am not, along with re-evaluating life in general. I was really finding myself somewhat content of where I am right now, the things to look forward to and all I have already accomplished. I also found myself grateful before the birthday, when a family member and a friend gave me my birthday cards early for my trip to Las Vegas for a Supernatural Convention.

I was/am blessed for my parents who always make sure I have a cake, the birthday vibes I received at the Supernatural Convention a week earlier from SPN Family (which I considered my birthday convention), the people in my life online and offline. I received a many birthday wishes, some from close friends, online friends, online turned Into Real Life (IRL) friends. It was very heartwarming and lifted my spirits for the year ahead.

I am not where I thought I wanted to be in life but who really is? If you are one of the lucky ones then totally awesome for you! I do have some exciting plans and really trying to appreciate what I have in my life, another year for me, both of my parents, family and friends online and offline. Things I want to do and plans I want to see come to fruition.

I am excited if you are joining me this year and if you have been around I thank you! I am excited for what’s ahead and sharing it with those who listen.